Jun 11, 2012

at 9:20 PM

I got it.

You don't seem to agree what I do.
You never supported me the way I wanted.
I know, you always compare.
And I know, I'm always the worst.

You complain about me.
But you never tell me what I did wrong.
I have my ways of doing things,
I have my ways to arrange my stuff.
You never trusted me for that.

Because of one mistake,
you want to condemn me forever?

I've done what I could to change.
Instead of supporting me,
you complain even more.
Can't you see my effort?
Can't you appreciate them?

You may think that I don't know,
it always happens behind my back.
From the way I see it,
I know I'm right.

I'm not there yet.
But I'm working on it.
I will prove you wrong.
With what I'm going to achieve.

Even if all of you go against me,
I know I will have people to back me up.
And most importantly,
I have the Almighty.


I heard that with my own ears,
You don't know how much that hurts.

I don't have to explain.
Cause it will never work.



Chea Ru Yen said...

I support you!!! Go prove them wrong (:

MidnightGurl said...

Thanks girl...=)


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