Jun 25, 2012

at 11:15 AM

Le process.


I skipped school today, cause fever came back last night.
I coughed until a point my muscle really hurts, like seriously.
Just that it has no blood. =x

Well yesterday I only remember I had a cup of honey in the morning, ate few spoons of rice with some soup for lunch, and that was it. I lost my appetite for the rest of the day, worse still, I was outside doing stuff, had to walk, drive, talk and bla blah.

Thankful to my sweetheart, he saved my life!
If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be able to make it. =)
Whatever the result was, you still won!

Then when I came home, shower? neh.
I stink, I know.
Lol, but I was too drained off, if you saw me last night, I looked even worse than a walking zombie, or if you don't like, worse than a corpse. Crap.
I had 2 panadol, and some other med, then went to bed, in less than 1 hour time, my whole body stink even more, my whole back was soaked with sweat and gahhhh, I just wish I could take off my clothings. But even that, I didn't have enough energy. So ke lian right.. =(

I was worried cause I ate medicine with empty stomach. Could my body handle them? Would I wake in the middle of the night having to find food? That made me shivered. Getting out of bed means I have to drag my heavy body around, just to look for food.

Thank God the next minute I woke up, it was already in the morning. But each time I wake, I won't stop coughing. Like my throat itches every 2 seconds. And all the phlegm would gather and wanting me to spit them out.

I was never good at spitting my phlegm. So instead I would force them back inside. It was almost like swallowing back some rotten egg. Ewwww, I better stop here lol.
It was because of that, I imagined myself with a stomach full of phlegm and that made me not wanting to eat anything. Don't know if it works like that, probably some science students could tell me? lol.

JUst now about 9am, dad brought me out for breakfast.
That milo kosong helped me to gain my appetite, but then later the bread ruined it, I didn't know what was the spread, but it tasted like lemon cause it was a lil sour, or maybe the spread just expired or, they bought some new spread that had just came out.
Whatever the reason was, I stopped after 2 bites, and had to bungkus everything back, they're still lying quietly (duh) in the plastic back, but 


Yeah, I'm serious.
Unless my house runs out of food,
and I'm dead hungry,
then maybe I would,
or would I? lolol.

Well, after that I had half boiled eggs.
 I always loveeee eggie,

 don't you think they're cuuute? :3



I want to recover sooon, and go back to school.
I guess my darling classmates must be studying hard in school now.
I'm left behind again.
So sad. =(

K, time to take a rest.

'I will take care of you.'
Nuff said.



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