Jun 10, 2012

at 11:34 PM

Lifeless girl I am.

Yet again it's time for me to #getalife.

2 days ago something happened on the road while I was driving.
Not gonna go into detail for some personal reason.
Hehee but reason why I mentioned it here, is because I can't stop saying how real God is.

His faithfulness, His promises, His protections.  =)

I've been spamming alot on tetris these days, finally reached the rank of 30. Proud of myself weh! Hahax but on the contrary, my keyboard is lagging like shyts d. lol.

Well let's do a lil bit of compare and contrast here.

This is my to-do-list before holiday:

- Finish at least 2 novels in 2 weeks,
- Hangout with long-lost friends,
- Tidy up the mess in mah room,
- Finish 2 sets of dramas, 2 sets of anime,
- Play all the mini games that have been stored for more than 100years,
- Do a simple cover with da jie. 

And here's my ticked list after holiday:

- Only read half of a book. 
- Hangout, checked.
- Tidy the mess, checked. But i think i need another round of tidying.
- Only managed to watch 1 set of drama and anime. 
- Mini games. RAWR, games yes, mini no.
- Music cover? Sister jus came back 2 days ago. Well stay tuned on this one.

That's about it.
School's starting tomorrow,
same shyts, time to #getalife.


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