Jun 28, 2012

at 11:37 AM


There were really moments where I thought that, yea, maybe my time is up.
You would think it's hilarious, but lemme tell you, having fever for 7 days isn't a joke. You can try, but you will regret. Imagine you had to eat different types of pills 4 times a day, and each time you eat, you'll sweat like mad and stink like shit. And no you can't shower. 

It has been like that for a week. I almost wanted to give up on the 3rd day, because I really couldn't take it anymore. I felt so, so weak physically. Sometimes when my temperature dropped a little, I would be soooo happy but later after an hour, my fever came back. On and off on and off. Very sickening, until I stop hoping for recovery.

I eat so little these days, everybody says I look skinnier.
I'm scared. I don't want to go back to school looking like a walking skeleton.
It's. Ugly.

Other than clinics and hospital, I go nowhere and stay only at home.
Thankfully my blood test showed it wasn't dengue.
Doctor said I have throat infection at quite a serious stage, that's why fever never leaves.

I believe I now have the medication phobia. But like it or not, I still have to finish these..

Doctor said if by then I still have fever, I will have to admit myself to hospital.
No way. I have MUET test next week. I can't stay in the hospital for nuts.

Well, now you get to see this post, it simply means that I'm feeling much better than before, and I'm really recovering. =) Praise God for that. I'm thankful to have friends that cared, friends that prayed, my family that took care of me without any complains, and also my sweetheart, that kept supporting me.

I love you guys.

After this awful sickness, I swear I'm gonna sayang my body more le...
Mummy said she's gonna feed me till I'm double my size now =x
Which makes sense, since I'm already losing weight.. Heh.

Anyway, thank You Lord for the healing, and for everyone that I have. =)


Dear body,
Sorry for not being good enough.

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