Jul 25, 2012

at 6:13 PM

Shows how much I needed to improve.

Below, is an essay of mine. I wrote this for an essay competition.
It was a national level essay contest. 
I was drawn to it ONLY because of the prizes.

iPad. :3

But only for top3.
Consolation prizes are merely certificates. 
Even that, they're only giving 30 certificates for the next top 30 entries.

Lawl. I was stupid back then.
Expected too much from myself.
But never try never know mah right? xD
I was hoping for the iPad, but one month later I lost confidence and only wished to get the certificate. National level, man, who doesn't want it?

But after like, 6 months? 
I received no news about it, went online to check results, found nothing about it. 

Lol, that anticipation is urging me to stop hoping.
So I did. :3

Happy thou, teacher commended my essay. Heh

So here's my writing on..

10 Things I Will Do For Malaysia If I Become A Celebrity

‘Save the country, fight corruption!’

With voices that sounded like one man, each of them had a small flag in hand, with ‘No to Corruption’ printed in yellow. I sensed the unity in their voices, a passion that has long since been planted deep down.

The stage was amazing, with the best sound system, and all the high-tech gadgets. I took another glance at the crowd, again I sensed something was burning so vigorously, I thought. A bunch of passionate people, stood with very strong determination.

‘Save the country, fight corruption!’

Again and again, the crowd declared. The microphone was in my hand, I could hear myself talking in a clear and loud voice. I was the key person for this whole event, I was the one standing on stage getting all the attention, I was giving a wake-up call, one that might make a change. I even set up booths for pledges, and many were holding the pledge cards.

It did not last for too long before I left.

In a blink of an eye, I saw myself stepping into an office, with pictures framed in wooden antique frames. People in those pictures were mostly in their 40s, black suits and ties. I couldn’t see more, then came the voice, ‘On behalf of the Bintang Orphanage, I hereby…’ Wait, I did not get what he said.

I couldn’t bother much, I shook his hands, and he handed me something that looked like an envelope. There was a certificate and some pictures. Only then I understood. I have donated to this Bintang Orphanage.

‘Country road, take me home, to the place…’ Humming to myself, I was strolling on a beach.
The warm breeze blew through my hair, heightening the sensation of the wind brushing my cheeks. The waves rolled up, wetting my feet. I was sitting just a few inches away from the rolling waves. In my hand, I held my paintbrush and my paint board and started painting. For some reasons, I felt too dream-like to have myself doing things I have always been waiting to do.

The clouds casted shadows along the shore, made the landscape seemed almost unreal. Then suddenly the mist started to form, it was a distant fog that rises from the horizon, and I found that I grew fearful as it approached.

When I was just about to turn and run, ‘Country road, take me home…’ I was disturbed by my alarm ringtone. I opened my eyes wide and sat up right away. Cool dream, real cool.

I rubbed my eyes like a little girl, and realized that my Mac was still on, only then I remembered I have an essay to complete. I must have thought about it too much, no wonder I felt like a star in my dream. I walked to my Mac and slumped down at the desk. Staring right at the title on top of my document, ’10 things I will do for Malaysia if I become a celebrity', I instantly recalled my dream.

If I were given the opportunity to become a celebrity, I would definitely make everything that I had dreamed into action, only in a more proper way. I could give talk, to a hundred and a thousand of people. They will listen to me, because I must be really influential to them. I would lead them to a zero-bribery mind, with everything did transparently. Besides, I could also encourage the young to stand up against corruption, to be the next generation that can change the world!

Furthermore, I would spend my time and my money to the needy. I would not only wish for the fame, but with a sincere heart to only want the best for the people. Just like what happened in my dream, I would donate money to orphanages and old folks home to help in their daily needs. Besides, I would also establish a foundation for these people who do not have a proper home to stay. Hence, Malaysia can become a more develop country.

However, these problems can never be solved with only words. Actions speak louder than words. If I were to be a celebrity, I would start up and get involve in funding programs to help these less fortunate people.

As I was thinking, the sky was getting brighter, the morning sunlight crept in between my SpongeBob curtains. I could hear the birds chirping outside. And it reminded me of the beautiful scenery I saw in my dream. I love to draw especially in a surreal surrounding. If I were a celebrity that can influence people, I would choose to draw pictures. I would draw sceneries of Malaysia, significant views, historical buildings, places that one could only see in Malaysia, and what not. After that, I would sell them to the foreigners, people would be able to see and enjoy the sceneries of Malaysia. They would be attracted and therefore indirectly it contributes to our tourism industry.

We all know that Malaysia is a country of many races. It is not easy for different races to come together as one as we have our own cultures and own ways of thinking. To help improve Malaysia, I would suggest to have activities that would involve all Malaysians. I could handle activities and attract people to take part. By doing so, I am creating a space to allow people of different races to interact with each other. Naturally, friendship would start building and who knows, it might just bring Malaysia to a whole new level.

Next, if I were a celebrity, I would take the opportunity to travel around the world. While I enjoy my vacation, at the same time I could also start sharing about the beauty of Malaysia to the foreigners. If I were to go there as a celebrity, I believe people would look up to me and listen to what I would share. Then, I could also bring photos of Malaysia to show them. Little by little, I would be able to form a good image of Malaysia in the eyes of the people.

 Another way of helping Malaysia would be through the cyber world. It can be such a useful tool as the generation now is so technologically inclined. I personally love music, and I think that music can bring a great impact in people’s life. As for this case, I would compose songs for Malaysia. I would record it and share it through my Youtube channel. I would start telling people about the wonders in Malaysia, and how proud am I as a Malaysian. Instead of seeing the Internet as an entertainment, why not make good use of it?

Other than Youtube, I could also blog about my country. If I were a celebrity, people would definitely pay attention to my blog. So with that, I could share so much about Malaysia to people. Malaysia has so many delicious food, through my blog, I could also promote the food here.

There are so many we could do for Malaysia. Before going too far away, have we ever thought of the most minor areas that we have missed out? By just following the rules, we can already help Malaysia to be better. If everyone thinks the same, then seeing a transformation of Malaysia surely will not take too long. If I were given a chance, I would make this start in school. Children are soft at heart, and therefore they are so much easier to be taught than the adults. I would start up a camp that teaches the children to obey the rules, train the young to love the country, so that they could be successful to help Malaysia one day in the future.

If I have a chance, I would help in the media industry. I would take up acting or just be an artist. For me, it must be really interesting to have contributed in a particular local film. And if possible, I would act in a patriotic film. I wished to plant a patriotic heart in people’s heart, a heart that would be open enough to help Malaysia. There are many students who dream to work overseas, probably they are too comfortable and want to step out of their comfort zone. At this stage, they should have a total different perspective, that is to serve their own country, Malaysia. So through movies and films, I would really want the next generation to be a generation that would help Malaysia.

I glanced at my watch, and it was already 10am. This essay of mine, is so going to be interesting, I thought. Before I started working on my essay, I moved my cursor to my playlist and pressed the ‘play’ button.
‘Country road, take me home, to the place…’ Then for the next one hour, I wrote the longest essay, for my country Malaysia.

Yep that's basically that.
I post it up because I feel wasted for not sharing.

Maybe it wasn't that great after all.
Thanks a bunch,
you took time to finish every crap above.

Well in the end,
I only learned one thing.

I need to improve.

Because other than Maths,
English is one subject that I would never give up learning.



Jul 20, 2012

at 3:58 AM


It's 3am now guys. 3am. I'm not joking.
I stay up late again. Sigh.

 It's not like I don't want to sleep.
But this is like my only time to do my homework and study.
 I'm done with work now, realized I did not game for quite some time d.
Lol so I went tetris for awhile. Waiting for le boii who is also gaming.
And meanwhile, here I am blogging.

 I ponteng-ed yesterday cause they had some MUET seminar.
Today friend told me that teacher was so pissed. D:
But thanks to Poghi, he told teacher I sprained my ankle. :3
Well it was true that I couldn't walk properly and it took me longer than usual to walk. But of course, you know why lah. =p

 Glad that tomorrow's a Friday. *flies!
Weekends again.
Fun again.

 K, apparently he has stopped gaming. :3

Going off now. Nighteys!

Jul 18, 2012

at 11:52 AM

感触良多..简单来讲,就是长气.. =)

*language switched. x)


Hi peeps! Good morning. =)

I mentioned in my status that I wanted to blog last night. Lol but well, I reached home close to 11pm, eyes were already closing. D; Must be those sleepless nights! But here I am, with coffee and breakfast ready. Apparently there will be no lessons in school today, so I stayed home instead. =)

My baby has been very supportive. And surely he helped by motivating me. Hehe. Well, not to mention also he distracts me most of the time lol. Thanks for your companion dear, appreciate every single moment you chose to give me your attention instead of other stuff. :3 mwahs!

Few days back I was with my sister. We were on a rush to church.
And if you knew me well enough, you'd know how much I hated people who throw rubbish everywhere, open burning, logging etc etc. So this uncle was on his motorcycle in front of me.2 seconds after I made my turn, I saw him throwing some plastic bags on the ground.
And so it went like this:

*throws a second one*
urgh! *horns*!

In case you did not get it, he was on his way and he threw'em just like that. The burning part, was actually the hidden flame in my heart. bahh lol. So what happened was, the uncle stopped his motorcycle and turned to my car. As my car was heading to him, I saw a cigarette on his hand. Wth, my heart burned even more.

As scary as it sounded, I'm surprised I DID NOT feel any nerves. Instead, I drove pass him without looking. I peeked at him later with my rear-view mirror and was thinking in my heart. 'You wanna fight? Wanna follow me? Do as you like, cause I'm not afraid of you!' And right away I prayed for God's protection.

Hahaha, come to think of it, I was stupid back then. Noob.

Not to forget also, I got an instant lecture from my sister. She named out all the possibilities and none of them scared me, seriously. Cause I despise smokers. I despise those who have no heart for the earth. Most importantly, I despise those who still feel as if they're right even after they've done something wrong. No shame at all. Boo!

If really he wants to hurt me or my car or whatsoever, still in the end he's the one at fault. So yah, I don't care. I think. =x

Last Sunday was an awesome one.Went for Seremban Half Marathon,and if you've seen my photo in facebook, you've seen this picture. :D

Totally missed it. I didn't run for the past 2 years cuz last year I was still in National Service. The year before, I overslept. lolol.

Before the run.
Sigh, I look like a small girl =(

I actually wanted to try getting top 200. But phailed.
My placing was 226, still top 300 lol.
But seriously my stamina wasn't as good anymore. Lack of exercise, precisely. This year's medal looked better. I guess it'd be my last year running d. Aihs..

The journey of running was priceless. So many times I ran and smiled to myself like a dunggu. O_O Haha. Reason was because those juniors were too cute.

Scene 1:
Bunch of girls were running together holding hands, fooling around and laughing. Reminded me of my junior years.

Scene 2:
Girl shouted to a friend in front. “喂,不要跑!我要死了..” “我不等你咯,你慢慢死啦!” Those were the days..

Scene 3:
Two young boys running and talking. One of them suddenly held the shoulder of another one. “yer走开啦,我不是gay的!” The boy, then let go of him, looking totally innocent.

Scene 4:
Two young Indian boys were panting and walking at the same time, with each of them holding an end of a big branch. Seconds later, one started to run again and the other one, being pulled by the friend, ran too. Friends. Lovely.

Scene 5:
An Indian boy and a Malay boy were taking their sweet time jogging. Suddenly, the Malay boy jumped on his back and to my surprise, he did not shove him away but instead, he carried him and continued walking, both were still talking. I was in awe, looking just how natural and genuine the friendship could be.

Also, I saw a lot of mini ex-schoolmates. I saw myself. I saw us in them.

It was an emotional run. (mcm yes jiang LOL)

But really, if you haven't gone for any of these run before, you should. I was thinking for that one hour. Trust me, it was really wonderful until the next day, when I couldn't even walk to my kitchen properly. :3

On the exact Sunday night, I attended a funeral service of my friend's granny.
Again it was very emotional, this time for real.
The service has started when I reached. So we sat right at the back.
I was observin' the group of people there, and I could tell that most of them are already in their 50s. White hair, wrinkles, hunched back.

Life is so short. One moment you're fooling around as a young girl. And in just a blink of an eye you'd be attending your friend's funeral with your grandchild sitting next to you. All you could do, is to pray silently for your dear friend, wondering when would be yours.

But as a child of God, I totally believe that leaving is also a joy. One that simply means you're going to the Father Above. Just that I wish I could stay on earth a little longer.

Also in another 2 or 3 weeks time, I'll be attending a friend's wedding.
Ahh the irony.

I've heard a lot of weddings recently.
My peers, my age.
If you know what I mean.

Youngsters of my age now really have weird mindsets. They love doing things and feeling guilty about it later. I'm not saying I don't. I do, and still trying to figure why. But what bothers me most, is the morality.

People get married early because of 2 things. First, planned marriage, like the old times. Second, you-know-what.

My question is, is that what they really want? Would life be as good as they think? Would they be able to understand the parenthood, the marriage, the meaning of 2 souls being together? I doubt so.I browsed through their wedding albums. The faster I click 'next', the stronger the feeling gets. I kept asking the same question: Why aren't they smiling.

Don't get me wrong, I don't judge them.

Some things are still meant to be kept in heart.

To this particular friend of mine, I really hope your marriage won't ruin you life.

I tried imagining myself in their shoes.
It will never be easy. They must be feeling so awful inside.

Choices are yours.
You decide, and you bear the cost. Be it good or bad.

Lastly, (finally)
I'm reconsidering my path after STPM. Knowing the course I intend to go for, many have been telling me to think about private U.True enough, I was already thinking about it even before they brought it up. Sigh, local U just couldn't convince me. I tried convincing myself, but in this case I can't take risks.



Jul 11, 2012

at 4:13 PM

2 and a half years ago..

I never blog much about you.
But when I do, it really is a big deal.

2 years ago I met you, and it was crazy.
You had my number, so you called me.

Things went up and down along the way.
But we worked at it eventually.

I won't say you're perfect,cause you are not.
But I would pray with you, and accept'em all.

God brings 2 souls together for a purpose.
Be it for good, or for bad.
So let's not take God's grace, for granted.

I wish we could be stronger in Christ,
to always grow together.
But most of the time, I'm weak myself.
All in all, I want God to take charge.

Thanks for bearing with me,
for every arguments you tried to stop,
for every scars you tried to mend,
for every broken pieces you tried to put back together.

No matter how the future would be.
Darling, you know I'm always sincere.

'Because you think too much about the future, 
you forgot to cherish the present.'

Thanks for reminding me, thanks for your love.

Imma stop making assumptions.
I will try my utmost best.
Sorry for being stubborn,
I love you.


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