Jul 11, 2012

at 4:13 PM

2 and a half years ago..

I never blog much about you.
But when I do, it really is a big deal.

2 years ago I met you, and it was crazy.
You had my number, so you called me.

Things went up and down along the way.
But we worked at it eventually.

I won't say you're perfect,cause you are not.
But I would pray with you, and accept'em all.

God brings 2 souls together for a purpose.
Be it for good, or for bad.
So let's not take God's grace, for granted.

I wish we could be stronger in Christ,
to always grow together.
But most of the time, I'm weak myself.
All in all, I want God to take charge.

Thanks for bearing with me,
for every arguments you tried to stop,
for every scars you tried to mend,
for every broken pieces you tried to put back together.

No matter how the future would be.
Darling, you know I'm always sincere.

'Because you think too much about the future, 
you forgot to cherish the present.'

Thanks for reminding me, thanks for your love.

Imma stop making assumptions.
I will try my utmost best.
Sorry for being stubborn,
I love you.


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