Jul 20, 2012

at 3:58 AM


It's 3am now guys. 3am. I'm not joking.
I stay up late again. Sigh.

 It's not like I don't want to sleep.
But this is like my only time to do my homework and study.
 I'm done with work now, realized I did not game for quite some time d.
Lol so I went tetris for awhile. Waiting for le boii who is also gaming.
And meanwhile, here I am blogging.

 I ponteng-ed yesterday cause they had some MUET seminar.
Today friend told me that teacher was so pissed. D:
But thanks to Poghi, he told teacher I sprained my ankle. :3
Well it was true that I couldn't walk properly and it took me longer than usual to walk. But of course, you know why lah. =p

 Glad that tomorrow's a Friday. *flies!
Weekends again.
Fun again.

 K, apparently he has stopped gaming. :3

Going off now. Nighteys!

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