Aug 5, 2012

at 1:05 AM

I ain't a loner.

I can't be too stubborn.

Mood swing is here again. When i say mood swing, you should be able to guess what it really is. If you don't, s'alright.

I've been studying much this whole week, totally an unexpectedly productive week. Thanks to my bud, her time, her place, her bed, and her lamp. (*screamsforryanhiga!) =x

Oh forget it, he can't save me.

When I blog, it's either life has too much until one point I have to share them, or simply, I'm emo.

As much as I love to be alone all the time, I need somebody to rely on sometimes, too. I forgot how many times I've repeated. But still, when I'm emo, you better not touch me. If you realize I'm not replying or not answering much of your questions, then leave me alone.(or not.)

I can't stop myself, it's just me. But most people don't get to see me in such condition. Cuz when I know I am, I walk away. I don't want to go offending people all around and get shits later. But if you do see me like that, then I need you.

Sometimes, even the person that I'm so close with, don't understand what I needed. Nah, nobody's fault. It's again, myself. I sometimes don't tell directly WHAT I NEEDED cause well, I'm always hard to handle. SO, I don't leave the job to anybody else, I walk to a corner, and rot myself till I die. Emotionally, that is.

I never want to affect people with my mood, but if you sense it from me, again you're somebody really important to me. Someone whom I can pour my heart out, anytime, anywhere, any way I want, not having to bother if I'm disturbing or not. Apparently, I found none yet.

Normal, isn't it. Everybody has their own life, what good is it to mess people's life with mine. No really, I can take it, after all, I still have blogspot, and very blog post speaks my heart out. If you care enough, you would find this out. Or else, forget it.

I watched a movie in church today, title was '3 Idiots'.. Some scenes were really familiar, saw them in youtube i guess. Anyway that movie was totally awesome. It was like the most unexpected movie I've seen. The first movie that gave me that kinda feeling. Cuz you know, most of the time the endings were expected. This movie, taught me something really valuable.

Life is a circus, life is a race. Simple as that.

I'm not much a deep thinker, but when I'm alone, my mind races.
I love to do things alone, even my friends say that.
But doesn't mean I'm a loner.

I need time.
To recover.

If you think you can't help me, say nothing.

Signing off.

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