Aug 23, 2012

at 12:48 AM

You won't understand.

Stress level overflowed.

I hate it every time I discovered this. Cause I can't tell people I'm stressed.

Reason why, because I don't want people to think like, who are you to say you are stressed? Wanna compare with me? Yeah everyone says that. So nobody would understand.

Stress is one thing. Expectation is another.
Some would say they're stressed because they just can't study, they have no idea what to do. Some were because no matter how much they study, they just can't get a thing. Some would be stressed simply because they're too good and they do not know what else to study.

Expectation, my level of stress is always based on my expectation.

Digest it, that's my theory.

Needed to chill with this.

Just received a gift from somebody. Also a blessing from God.
He sure knows how much I needed a phone.
Well, smartphone is never my thing, cause me no likey touchscreen.
But as much as I dislike it, the games are very distracting.

At the same time, it can be such a great motivation for myself to study.

Either way, the outcome is good I guess.

Thank You Jesus.

Nights People.

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