Sep 28, 2012

at 2:31 PM


Time waits for no man. 
What scares me most is it flies without me even noticing it. 

I check my Timeline regularly. Not the one in facebook, but the one in me.
If you realize, we all have a certain time frame in us that we will always cherish. One that is hard to forget, one that will always pop in your mind whenever you take time to look back in time.

Mine, falls back when i was standard 2.
Nothing much to remember, but that's my starting point of my flashback.

I'm not here to remember my childhood, but just recently some significant changes just caught my attention. I was seeing some neighbors of mine around my flat, I was surprised how much they've grown. I hardly talk to them, so let alone noticing them (not to say I'm not friendly kay..=x). Life just gets busy and in the end we've forgotten to look around us.

Especially some elder neighbors of mine. Their hair is grayer than before. Some used to be all bubbly and cheeky. But now they totally look older than before. A couple of days ago father called out from living room. I went out and he asked me to pluck his white hair. Lol. Yeh that's what I meant.

Looking back at self.
I'm not a lil girl anymore.

That's the whole point.
A reminder to self.

Sep 24, 2012

at 12:57 PM

Monday morning =)

Feelin good!

My previous post was actually at previous night, saying I wanted to sleep after that post. But something happened and in the end I stayed awake all night and played US till 7.30am. Clean up a lil, and ciao for breakfast with le companions. After first round breakfast beef noodles, we went for second round at Paparich. 3 hours of talking, I finally started to feel sleepy. Came back home at 2pm for tuition, went out again with family at 4pm and met with le companions at Jusco. Went in Audrey, had fun exploring if you know what i mean, windowshopped, and ate alot with KK too if you double know what i mean. :D By that time I was literally a zombie walking aimlessly with her. Later, we went in the food section and practically tasted all the food inside that were testable. Ice cream, Nestum, Maggi, Yugurt, Cornflakes, Durian.... lol nah the durian part was a joke.


Then later we went for soft ice-cream, herbal eggs and finally waffles. These were bought btw. :D Sigh I was really too sleepy, so I couldn't be rational enough to think. In the end I forgot how much food I've eaten with her. Rawr. Mother bought double cheeseburger for me for dinner! What's wrong with them, they were feeding me like I haven't eaten for 3 months. Was it planned or something? Bahaha x) Came back home about 7.30pm, showered, and went out again for some event. Finally back home at 11.30pm.

My life is brilliant. 

I don't usually write everything this detailed, but when I do it means it's a big deal. Lol. I slept at 12am sharp, fell asleep right away the moment I slumped into my bed. i was expecting myself to wake up at 1pm or so. But to my surprise, I was already awake at about 9am.


Wanted to continue sleeping but changed my mind. Ever since my trial exam is over, sleeping is a waste of time. So I got up and online. Somebody ffk me breakfast, so I went for brunch alone at YTF. Awesome.

Just came back from brunch, gonna UberStrike and continue sleeping.

Yes my days are meaningless. But Imma compromise till end of September.
And I'll be back for STPM.
I'll be back.


Me lifeless, me likey.


Sep 23, 2012

at 2:54 AM
My life is brilliant :D

I used to spam yamcha with le gang after church every saturday and yes EVERY saturday. Ever since I entered form6, I cut down alot of my yamcha no idea why. So yehh since trials over dy, I was really excited. Joined them this week and had alot of fun ;) I still love gatherings like that. Mwahs! to each one of you. :D (Thou they still like to sarca me oh well)

Realized something. I fear of being left out.
Sometimes I just feel down when I don't get what's happening. I do admit I'm a lil outdated sometimes LOL but sigh can't they just be considerate T_T anyway, I just don't feel good when everybody else contributes in that discussion but all I can do is just stop and stare.

Realized something again. I'm a very potential shopaholic whee.
Not something to be proud of, but whenever I buy something, preferably clothings, I get really excited. I don't always have the chance to go on a shopping spree, but when I do I make sure I don't go home empty handed. Yay this end of the year I'm gonna shop like nobody's business! :D

Baby slept early tonight, well just too bad. When he stays up late, I get tired fast. When I have the mood to spam the night, he sleeps early oh wooooots I'm sad. =( Sleep tight darlin', been missing you all day! =)

Going for beef noodles tomorrow morning at 8am! Earliest breakfast of the month. Kinda random but really can't wait to try. Nyehhehehe gonna have 2 companions tomorrow, be good, we ll have fun =p

Got back a few papers and I'm quite satisfied. So far I have 1A- 1B+, and 1B- :D Considering the effort I put in, those are quite good grades d if you know what I mean. x) One more subject, expecting it to be a B+.. I can't ask for more, really. :)

Ohmaigawd why am i so high tonight :3
Nywayz baby not with me, nothing much to do also d lol. Fell for Uberstrike on facebook. People said it's almost like CS, I never played before so yeah. But I'm addicted! (@*$&@*&^)@^&!!

Kk better sleep soon before I get lecture tomorrow.
Miao bais!


K that was long.


Sep 20, 2012

at 4:02 PM

It's k. =)

This morning, I woke up with half anticipation and half anxiety.
For the rest of the morning, the whole upper six were talking bout it.
I was too worried, because again, I had expectation.

MUET result for july batch is out today.
Heard from friend that I could check by SMS, 20cents per message, and so I did.
But because I was too nervous, I ended up wasting more credit than I should.

3 friggin' typo. What the heck.
So the last message you saw, was the result.
I got a Band4.


Yesterday, somebody posted this on facebook.
I liked it. And I saved it.
Not bad, it comes in handy now.

I guess it was because of this picture, I kept reminding myself to keep quiet.
One of my friend cried. One didn't dare to check at all. The rest were planning to resit.

Many congratulated me.
To avoid the same situation as above, all I did was to return the smile. =)

Little did they know how disappointed I was.
Only a few that were close to me knew I was down.

Yes I am not satisfied.

Listening - 36/45
Speaking - 32/45
Reading 88/120
Writing - 50/90

Total - 206/300

I thought I could have at least a high band4, which is above 210.
But ended up lower than what I've expected.

Still, I'm not good enough...
It's k.


Take it or leave it.


Sep 19, 2012

at 12:37 PM


Sigh, I did not buy any.

Went Genting with family and my boy.

Did not get to go ThemePark.

Next round, I will be back in 3 months time! =)

Le lift.


Baby fell for chinese chess.

Met up with the lovely couple Liwei & Jon.
The best part is, all 4 of us met in Friends For Sale.
He was my boss, she was his boss, I was his boss, he was hers.

Meal was great, thanks a bunch!

Kk enough of photos.
I kinda lost motivation to blog.
Wonder why.

MUET results coming out tomorrow. I wanted a band 5 at least. But confidence dropped. So we shall see. =x I haven't been going to school since last Thursday after my last paper for STPM Trial.This morning I was in bed, struggling. Then in less than 5minutes time friend texted me said she had fever, not going to school. Well since some of the others also not going, so why not? :D 

And here I am, blogging like a boss.

I always wake up extra early in the morning when I have nothing to do. But when I have to wake up for school, another 5 minutes on bed feels like heaven. I forgot the last time I get to enjoy a lovely morning like this. Breakfast in room, music at max volume, tidy up my room a little, wash some clothes that have been left untouched for weeks. (eww, I know) Enjoying time like the happiest girl on earth. =)

But good times usually don't last, and they flies. Sigh I'm gonna be emo again.

I have one more month to STPM. After that, I have no idea how will things be. Baby is flying to US soon. I have to always stop myself from bringing this topic up. But I can't help it. He's gonna be so far away from me.. Each time people ask 'when is he flying?' my heart would just sink to the bottom and I wish I don't have to answer that question. Yes he's leaving, and I gotta be strong.

Nobody knows what's gonna happen. 
I only pray that God will be with him all the time.

This post sux.



Sep 9, 2012

at 4:51 PM

Good ol' Times.

I have this bad habit.
One that I would be feeling all guilty later and yet never get to change.

Everyone has the same issue, it all depends how desperate you long.
For that change.

I blame myself for wasting too much time.
I blame myself for procrastinating.
It's always that 'If only'.

I've been having this feeling since beginning of my form6.
My life seems to be so drained off, so mundane.
For goodness sake I just don't get excited as easily anymore.
Or maybe I do, but they don't last.

To change my perspective, maybe I've grown up.
Not much, just a little.
Things have changed. Some to the better, some worse.
And I've been repeating over and over like a grandmother.

Come to think of it, I'm really sliding backward.

Memories are everywhere.
I get emotional just too easily these days.
Maybe I've just been thinking too much of the future.
Somebody once reminded me not to.

My form6 is coming to an end.
Yet again another transition for me.

I'm having a lot of plans in my mind.
Things to do after my STPM.
Things I want to start doing.
Things I want to complete.
And such.

Succeed or not. Doesn't matter.

Next year will be so different.
Really, a total big change.

I'm 20 next year.
And I have to keep reminding myself.
I'm no more a teenage girl.

Just recently, I remembered a lot of old hits that I used to spam all day.
Back then, my favorites were Ne-yo, Chris Brown, Blue, BSB etc etc.
Now they don't play their old songs anymore. Hardly.
So whenever I play them, something would trigger.

Songs nowadays just won't stick in my mind for too long.
Those days, I could sing just any song I want.
Now if I were to randomly think of a SONG I like, probably it'll take me a minute or two.

Old songs are gold.
When I say old songs I don't mean oldies like Danny Boy or Puppy Love or Feeling.
Those were my parents' time.
My old songs are like maybe 5 or 6 years back.
Oh well. I was only 12 or 13 back then.

Primary school last time was like Kindergarten these days.
Even kids aged 6 nowadays are already exposed to the Internet.
Back when I was in primary school. I was innocent.
I don't want to compare with people in KL or big cities.
At least in Seremban. Having Friendster at the age of 12 was like a WOW.
Now, one without Facebook is claimed to be outdated. No matter your age.

I'm glad I have an elder sister.
That helped me catch up faster than my peers.
Anyway I'm off off off topic.

Well I was going through my old folder in my old thumb drive.
Every single thing inside is priceless.
One day if this thumbdrive go missing, or corrupted or something.
I'm going to hang myself to death.
Nah kidding.

Just want to emphasize.
Memories are precious.
I love my childhood. Thou it ain't something very memorable.
But at least I have quite a good upbringing.

No matter how much I love those days.
Life gotta move on.

Just something extra:

Throughout this post,
The only person that appeared in my mind,
Was my sister.

I pretty much believe that she knows how I feel.
Exactly how i felt.
Cause she's the first ever person I have telepathy with.

When somebody leaves, somebody else would fill that empty slot.

But if you leave, I'd rather leave that slot empty. Till forever.


That, was meant for 2 very important person in my life.
Signing off.

 -Jojo aka Midnightgurl-


Sep 7, 2012

at 6:08 PM


A month ago I was still complaining about my phone.
But ever since I got this current one, I blog less, I online less, not because I was busy studying, but because this phone really distracts me. Gosh.

So STPM Trial Exam is half way through now. 4 down, 4 to go. For the past 4 papers, I did not have time to draw. Wow, that means something eh? :D But anyway papers weren't as tough as I thought. Maybe my preparation was enough, or maybe standard just dropped.

I didn't prepare much to be honest. Had too much other things to do before exam. Sigh.

I was literally, stressed to death. 

Lazy to type, so yeah, refer to these bunch.

Performance with sister, dad and 2 other members. =)

One of daddy's friend said:
'Didn't know your daughters are that pretty.'

lol abo? Made in heaven weh. XD

Look closely.
In my school.

Glass became foggy.

So I wrote these. Heh.

Below was my awesome egg + cheese.
I was reminded of this awesome recipe when I saw a pic of my friend's homemade breakfast.

Below, again, are some of my camwhore photos.

Love this dress much.

Because smiling is too mainstream.


And last but not least.

My cutest boy on earth!


I'm looking forward.


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