Sep 28, 2012

at 2:31 PM


Time waits for no man. 
What scares me most is it flies without me even noticing it. 

I check my Timeline regularly. Not the one in facebook, but the one in me.
If you realize, we all have a certain time frame in us that we will always cherish. One that is hard to forget, one that will always pop in your mind whenever you take time to look back in time.

Mine, falls back when i was standard 2.
Nothing much to remember, but that's my starting point of my flashback.

I'm not here to remember my childhood, but just recently some significant changes just caught my attention. I was seeing some neighbors of mine around my flat, I was surprised how much they've grown. I hardly talk to them, so let alone noticing them (not to say I'm not friendly kay..=x). Life just gets busy and in the end we've forgotten to look around us.

Especially some elder neighbors of mine. Their hair is grayer than before. Some used to be all bubbly and cheeky. But now they totally look older than before. A couple of days ago father called out from living room. I went out and he asked me to pluck his white hair. Lol. Yeh that's what I meant.

Looking back at self.
I'm not a lil girl anymore.

That's the whole point.
A reminder to self.

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