Sep 20, 2012

at 4:02 PM

It's k. =)

This morning, I woke up with half anticipation and half anxiety.
For the rest of the morning, the whole upper six were talking bout it.
I was too worried, because again, I had expectation.

MUET result for july batch is out today.
Heard from friend that I could check by SMS, 20cents per message, and so I did.
But because I was too nervous, I ended up wasting more credit than I should.

3 friggin' typo. What the heck.
So the last message you saw, was the result.
I got a Band4.


Yesterday, somebody posted this on facebook.
I liked it. And I saved it.
Not bad, it comes in handy now.

I guess it was because of this picture, I kept reminding myself to keep quiet.
One of my friend cried. One didn't dare to check at all. The rest were planning to resit.

Many congratulated me.
To avoid the same situation as above, all I did was to return the smile. =)

Little did they know how disappointed I was.
Only a few that were close to me knew I was down.

Yes I am not satisfied.

Listening - 36/45
Speaking - 32/45
Reading 88/120
Writing - 50/90

Total - 206/300

I thought I could have at least a high band4, which is above 210.
But ended up lower than what I've expected.

Still, I'm not good enough...
It's k.


Take it or leave it.


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