Sep 24, 2012

at 12:57 PM

Monday morning =)

Feelin good!

My previous post was actually at previous night, saying I wanted to sleep after that post. But something happened and in the end I stayed awake all night and played US till 7.30am. Clean up a lil, and ciao for breakfast with le companions. After first round breakfast beef noodles, we went for second round at Paparich. 3 hours of talking, I finally started to feel sleepy. Came back home at 2pm for tuition, went out again with family at 4pm and met with le companions at Jusco. Went in Audrey, had fun exploring if you know what i mean, windowshopped, and ate alot with KK too if you double know what i mean. :D By that time I was literally a zombie walking aimlessly with her. Later, we went in the food section and practically tasted all the food inside that were testable. Ice cream, Nestum, Maggi, Yugurt, Cornflakes, Durian.... lol nah the durian part was a joke.


Then later we went for soft ice-cream, herbal eggs and finally waffles. These were bought btw. :D Sigh I was really too sleepy, so I couldn't be rational enough to think. In the end I forgot how much food I've eaten with her. Rawr. Mother bought double cheeseburger for me for dinner! What's wrong with them, they were feeding me like I haven't eaten for 3 months. Was it planned or something? Bahaha x) Came back home about 7.30pm, showered, and went out again for some event. Finally back home at 11.30pm.

My life is brilliant. 

I don't usually write everything this detailed, but when I do it means it's a big deal. Lol. I slept at 12am sharp, fell asleep right away the moment I slumped into my bed. i was expecting myself to wake up at 1pm or so. But to my surprise, I was already awake at about 9am.


Wanted to continue sleeping but changed my mind. Ever since my trial exam is over, sleeping is a waste of time. So I got up and online. Somebody ffk me breakfast, so I went for brunch alone at YTF. Awesome.

Just came back from brunch, gonna UberStrike and continue sleeping.

Yes my days are meaningless. But Imma compromise till end of September.
And I'll be back for STPM.
I'll be back.


Me lifeless, me likey.


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