Sep 23, 2012

at 2:54 AM
My life is brilliant :D

I used to spam yamcha with le gang after church every saturday and yes EVERY saturday. Ever since I entered form6, I cut down alot of my yamcha no idea why. So yehh since trials over dy, I was really excited. Joined them this week and had alot of fun ;) I still love gatherings like that. Mwahs! to each one of you. :D (Thou they still like to sarca me oh well)

Realized something. I fear of being left out.
Sometimes I just feel down when I don't get what's happening. I do admit I'm a lil outdated sometimes LOL but sigh can't they just be considerate T_T anyway, I just don't feel good when everybody else contributes in that discussion but all I can do is just stop and stare.

Realized something again. I'm a very potential shopaholic whee.
Not something to be proud of, but whenever I buy something, preferably clothings, I get really excited. I don't always have the chance to go on a shopping spree, but when I do I make sure I don't go home empty handed. Yay this end of the year I'm gonna shop like nobody's business! :D

Baby slept early tonight, well just too bad. When he stays up late, I get tired fast. When I have the mood to spam the night, he sleeps early oh wooooots I'm sad. =( Sleep tight darlin', been missing you all day! =)

Going for beef noodles tomorrow morning at 8am! Earliest breakfast of the month. Kinda random but really can't wait to try. Nyehhehehe gonna have 2 companions tomorrow, be good, we ll have fun =p

Got back a few papers and I'm quite satisfied. So far I have 1A- 1B+, and 1B- :D Considering the effort I put in, those are quite good grades d if you know what I mean. x) One more subject, expecting it to be a B+.. I can't ask for more, really. :)

Ohmaigawd why am i so high tonight :3
Nywayz baby not with me, nothing much to do also d lol. Fell for Uberstrike on facebook. People said it's almost like CS, I never played before so yeah. But I'm addicted! (@*$&@*&^)@^&!!

Kk better sleep soon before I get lecture tomorrow.
Miao bais!


K that was long.


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