Sep 7, 2012

at 6:08 PM


A month ago I was still complaining about my phone.
But ever since I got this current one, I blog less, I online less, not because I was busy studying, but because this phone really distracts me. Gosh.

So STPM Trial Exam is half way through now. 4 down, 4 to go. For the past 4 papers, I did not have time to draw. Wow, that means something eh? :D But anyway papers weren't as tough as I thought. Maybe my preparation was enough, or maybe standard just dropped.

I didn't prepare much to be honest. Had too much other things to do before exam. Sigh.

I was literally, stressed to death. 

Lazy to type, so yeah, refer to these bunch.

Performance with sister, dad and 2 other members. =)

One of daddy's friend said:
'Didn't know your daughters are that pretty.'

lol abo? Made in heaven weh. XD

Look closely.
In my school.

Glass became foggy.

So I wrote these. Heh.

Below was my awesome egg + cheese.
I was reminded of this awesome recipe when I saw a pic of my friend's homemade breakfast.

Below, again, are some of my camwhore photos.

Love this dress much.

Because smiling is too mainstream.


And last but not least.

My cutest boy on earth!


I'm looking forward.


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