Sep 19, 2012

at 12:37 PM


Sigh, I did not buy any.

Went Genting with family and my boy.

Did not get to go ThemePark.

Next round, I will be back in 3 months time! =)

Le lift.


Baby fell for chinese chess.

Met up with the lovely couple Liwei & Jon.
The best part is, all 4 of us met in Friends For Sale.
He was my boss, she was his boss, I was his boss, he was hers.

Meal was great, thanks a bunch!

Kk enough of photos.
I kinda lost motivation to blog.
Wonder why.

MUET results coming out tomorrow. I wanted a band 5 at least. But confidence dropped. So we shall see. =x I haven't been going to school since last Thursday after my last paper for STPM Trial.This morning I was in bed, struggling. Then in less than 5minutes time friend texted me said she had fever, not going to school. Well since some of the others also not going, so why not? :D 

And here I am, blogging like a boss.

I always wake up extra early in the morning when I have nothing to do. But when I have to wake up for school, another 5 minutes on bed feels like heaven. I forgot the last time I get to enjoy a lovely morning like this. Breakfast in room, music at max volume, tidy up my room a little, wash some clothes that have been left untouched for weeks. (eww, I know) Enjoying time like the happiest girl on earth. =)

But good times usually don't last, and they flies. Sigh I'm gonna be emo again.

I have one more month to STPM. After that, I have no idea how will things be. Baby is flying to US soon. I have to always stop myself from bringing this topic up. But I can't help it. He's gonna be so far away from me.. Each time people ask 'when is he flying?' my heart would just sink to the bottom and I wish I don't have to answer that question. Yes he's leaving, and I gotta be strong.

Nobody knows what's gonna happen. 
I only pray that God will be with him all the time.

This post sux.



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