Oct 24, 2012

at 1:24 PM


It's 24th October people, 26 days to my STPM.
Not joking man, I'm feeling the nerves.

Anyway I skipped school AGAIN today. It's holiday from tomorrow onwards till next Tuesday. For some reasons I can't explain, my birthday always falls on a holiday. People take a day off for me, people light up fireworks for me, people rejoice on my holiday. TEHEE. :D

That's beside the point.

It's a lovely day today, despite the emo-ness I had last night, everything's so awesome since the moment I woke up this morning. I had a very bad nightmare last night, things went from me being a vampire > me holding a knife chasing somebody.. I even drank blood and cried with tears of blood. Somebody was standing under a tree at night with thunders and rain. Then I saw myself in a mirror looking completely like a zombie. That scared the shit out of me.

Sigh, it was only a 1 hour nap, I woke up at 12 sharp and emotions started to take control. As I was recalling the dream, I found out it was all because of one picture I saw in Facebook earlier, it was the 猛鬼村 in Genting. Dang.

Bad night, very bad night.

I was planning to study the whole night, but because of that I couldn't find myself thinking right at all. So I changed my mind and went back to bed at about 2am. And then it was a sweet dream that saved me this time. =)

This post wasn't planned to be this long, was actually taking a break from studying. Heh.

Coffee soon, and back to work.

God bless!

Oct 22, 2012

at 4:37 PM

It's k, this is nothing.


Last night went yamcha with an old friend. 
That was my first time ordering 5 sates. o.o

Had kopi O and chinese tea.
But still dang sleepy.
Finally slept at 2am.

Woke up this morning about 9am.

SS-ed with phone cam.

Was in a good mood.
So spam camwhore.

After camwhore, 
started doing revision + loud music in room.

And later.
Jio another friend for lunch with me.
Or else I would be foreveralone in YongTauFu again.
Had fried rice with egg and coffe again.

Came back 2pm.
Continued doing revision.

Entertainment for self once in an hour.

Friend trolling in my house now.
While I'm working hard on PP.

I'm blurring + yawning.
Gonna halau friend back and take a nap.
(was joking on the halau part, just in case.)

Ponteng school today.
Feeling good about it.
But teacher's gonna 'gg' me again.

K, realized that this post is quite pointless.
My whole purpose is to say.
I'm worried.
Cause it looks like caffeine doesn't work anymore.

K, realized it's still quite pointless.
I'm basically typing anything that comes to my mind now.

Love yah.



Oct 21, 2012

at 3:47 PM

Plain updates. Happy ones. =)

So it's been awhile =)

It was quite a hectic week for me. So much to do, and I've completed almost every task on the list. I've also been watching quite some Disney movies lately. Sorry but gotta repeat this again, it has always been my dream to collect ALL my childhood Disney movies and put'em all in one shelf. Original ones. :D Was once my dream, still is, and will be in the future too! =) 

Disney movies make me happy. Loves.

Last Saturday was our Prom Evening. My first time attending, my first time being an Emcee, also my first time dancing on stage. Heh. Not gonna go into details. Little things are meant to be kept inside. So here's some pictures I really love. =)

We had 5 days to practice, and the outcome was unexpectedly good. If you've watched our video, you might not think it's good. But for us the non-experienced, we considered that as a miracle. Really. All 9 of us are from 5 different classes. Now we feel like a family. We hardly talk in school but now we talk like we've known each other for years. Throughout that 5 whole days, we've come closer together. And only then I realized how important it is to have friends. They are all awesome individuals. I mean it. Each and every one of them =) 

After prom, me and the gang (not the dance team) went for a second round at Azuma. My new favorite Japanese Restaurant in Seremban. Those salmons were like heaven. Man, I can't find words to describe anymore. They're just so..ohh...sigh realllyy.....just...SLURRRPPP! you got me! xD

This picture has been forbidden on Facebook.
Don't ask me why but I still think I look pretty in it.

Few days after prom, went KL to meet with love. Shopped for some clothes and he be-the-man-ed to buy me a top and shorts. Wheee thanks hunnie bee. Love'em :D Mother forgot to bring house key out, so we gotta leave KL earlier than usual. Doesn't matter, still had fun the whole day. Mwahs!

A picture to remember.

I've started doing my revision few days ago. Finally right. Thanks to my sakai bud again for being there.

Just, thanks. Nuff said. Mwahs.

Somebody asked me to make a birthday wishlist in my blog. She said she's gonna read and pretend like she never will. Not doing it girl, so sorry lol =p Another group of my friends just broke it to me that they were actually planning a surprise celebration for me. But they failed in so many ways and finally gave up planning. What in the world man, HAHA! Nevertheless, I appreciate every effort you guys have put in. Surprise no more bu yong jin, you guys know I love all of you so much.

Sweet to the core huh? I have awesome friends! =))

I don't expect any surprises on my birthday, not any presents either. Because if I do, I know I'll be disappointed hahax. But seriously, what can I say..my friends never fail to make me smile. Sigh I feel like crying liao. (kidding)

Thank God for my friends. =)

Birthday's coming. Can't wait. Yay.

I may not live like a princess, 
but I live like how Joey Tien should live.

hehe. :D

Oct 2, 2012

at 5:25 PM

Another day off.

I need new speakers seriously. These current ones feel like they're gonna burst anytime soon. Lol. But well I still like them being so small and cute, makes it easier for me to bring them around. :D

I traded my sleeping time last night with my lovely morning today. Slept at 6 am and woke up at 2:20 pm and turned emo the next second. I don't like to waste my mornings. But I love sleeping. Gahh. Thanks to the pointless invitation cards. No idea why is that necessary. Anyway I had fun doing'em. Despite the exhaustion, I actually felt good completing them =D

It's October and I promised myself to start getting serious. And so I will.

trying something new.


Apps FTW.



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