Oct 24, 2012

at 1:24 PM


It's 24th October people, 26 days to my STPM.
Not joking man, I'm feeling the nerves.

Anyway I skipped school AGAIN today. It's holiday from tomorrow onwards till next Tuesday. For some reasons I can't explain, my birthday always falls on a holiday. People take a day off for me, people light up fireworks for me, people rejoice on my holiday. TEHEE. :D

That's beside the point.

It's a lovely day today, despite the emo-ness I had last night, everything's so awesome since the moment I woke up this morning. I had a very bad nightmare last night, things went from me being a vampire > me holding a knife chasing somebody.. I even drank blood and cried with tears of blood. Somebody was standing under a tree at night with thunders and rain. Then I saw myself in a mirror looking completely like a zombie. That scared the shit out of me.

Sigh, it was only a 1 hour nap, I woke up at 12 sharp and emotions started to take control. As I was recalling the dream, I found out it was all because of one picture I saw in Facebook earlier, it was the 猛鬼村 in Genting. Dang.

Bad night, very bad night.

I was planning to study the whole night, but because of that I couldn't find myself thinking right at all. So I changed my mind and went back to bed at about 2am. And then it was a sweet dream that saved me this time. =)

This post wasn't planned to be this long, was actually taking a break from studying. Heh.

Coffee soon, and back to work.

God bless!

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