Oct 22, 2012

at 4:37 PM

It's k, this is nothing.


Last night went yamcha with an old friend. 
That was my first time ordering 5 sates. o.o

Had kopi O and chinese tea.
But still dang sleepy.
Finally slept at 2am.

Woke up this morning about 9am.

SS-ed with phone cam.

Was in a good mood.
So spam camwhore.

After camwhore, 
started doing revision + loud music in room.

And later.
Jio another friend for lunch with me.
Or else I would be foreveralone in YongTauFu again.
Had fried rice with egg and coffe again.

Came back 2pm.
Continued doing revision.

Entertainment for self once in an hour.

Friend trolling in my house now.
While I'm working hard on PP.

I'm blurring + yawning.
Gonna halau friend back and take a nap.
(was joking on the halau part, just in case.)

Ponteng school today.
Feeling good about it.
But teacher's gonna 'gg' me again.

K, realized that this post is quite pointless.
My whole purpose is to say.
I'm worried.
Cause it looks like caffeine doesn't work anymore.

K, realized it's still quite pointless.
I'm basically typing anything that comes to my mind now.

Love yah.



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