Nov 7, 2012

at 12:12 AM

19th Birthday! =)

Finally decided to blog, or should I rephrase, finally I HAVE THE TIME!
I'm so not gonna break the tradition to post about my birthday :3
It brings back so much memories when I took time to read back all my birthday posts for the past 3 years, or 4. Birthdays are awesome. Not like I'm very particular with it but, each year means something, each year shows how much you've grown. =)

This year was the best of my life. That simply means my birthday gets better each year, so every year is the best if yah kno what I mean. Hees. Too much details to talk about. So since I'm darn lazy, Imma just let photos do that for me as always.

My form6 darlings gave me this a few days before my birthday.
In school's computer lab.
Made me supppppa excited.

I was right, it's chocolates!
Isn't it NOT surprising that I always know you guys so well? rawr.
Those lil Angry Birdie stickers were intentional.

Beiyimon punya 杰作.
Fuhhliao beliau boleh lukis punya oh.
Famus Amus sedap-sedap belaka, xiek oh.

Chocolate. More chocolate.
My life is all about chocolate.
But the barbie doll bag made me worse.
Heh, I'm always that little girl in her eyes.
You never once forgot my birthday.
Love you. =)

This was the biggest yet still biggest gift ever!
I'm spammin' it like nobody's business everyday since my birthday.
Even now, even now, even now!
Syiaks high ad.

The most surprising yet most expensive one. (I suppose)
It's no normal mouse yo!
Don't jelly yah (hehehehehe)
kiddin, not braggin k. =)
but like finally, I don't have to use a mouse with no clickin sound nymore.
thanks babe..

Together with this card.
From my miao.
My all-time-stingy-miao.
But this mouse said it all.
I was wrong.


For more photos click SINI & SINI
Those are 2 different albums from different awesome photographers.
Actually you can ignore if you don't give a crap.
For my own references only. =p

Here are some awesome photos I love.

5 surprises in 2 hours.
Awesome sheets.

Surprise 1:
Why are you guys here!!

Surprise 2:

Surprise 3:
omg Baskin Robins...

Surprise 4:

Surprise 5:
seriously, RAZER MOUSE?!

Heh =p

ini cute.

(2 fellas are missin. the oldest and the youngest. wops o.o)

They're crazy.
I love them all the same.

Can't thank you guys more.
I didn't get a lot, but I had all I wanted.

Somebody still owes me something. She's somewhere in the universe, location: unknown. Estimated to be back home in urm.. *calculating..72hours. oh *recalculating.. Wait, screw hours. About 3 days that is. hehe..can't wait. can't wait. =))

Right, that's all for now. No more thank-you's from me k, I know it's getting annoying. And saying thank you and name this a thank you post is lame sheet. 

But still, thank you.

the lame sheet.


大头虾萝卜 said...

why must you mention 'the oldest' LOL....hate u~wu wu wu~ T.T...

MidnightGurl said...

ahahhaaa...ugly truths hor... ;DDD


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