Nov 24, 2012

at 12:16 AM

A God that provides.

A few people to thank, and the One Above, to give glory to.

First of all He's a God that provides. And the story goes like this..

There was this camp that I really, really don't want to miss.
As much as I want to go, it still let me down cuz the fees, are definitely out of my budget.

Being filled with disappointment, I thoguht that was it and didn't ask for help.
Or should I say I didn't put in effort to find ways cause people always say there's a will there's a way. Anyway, I've actually forgotten bout the whole thing, being so caught up with exams and stuff, you know.

I received a call yesterday and somebody just offered to cover half of the fees for me. I was still hesitating, cause even half of it was alot for me.. But later I thought maybe I shouldn't let this person down, so after saying thanks like countless of times, I agreed and decided to spend al my savings for it.. (sadden) I know I'm gonna be so blessed in this camp, so I was pain at heart but excited at my whole body system. (doesn't make sense, ignore it.)

The call was in the evening. And that same night, somebody else just gave me money for no reason. Can you believe it? I'm pretty sure this person has no idea at all of this camp thing. So again saying countless times of thanks..I started to think that maybe God just wants me to go this much. He sure has something else for me. =)

You think that was it?
I paid for the camp just now. And realized that was all of my savings. That much I have left. Sigh.. Came home thinkin that I'm really gonna starve to death for the followin weeks. An hour later I got another round of money-from-no-where. I can't be more grateful you see..just cant..

Point is, I didn't even pray for it, He just provides. =)

Thanks to all of the people above.
And one more to thank.

You see people, sometimes we just think that things come too easy. We tend to take things for granted in the end and not show any gratitude for anything. I remember reading a post at a friend's blog and she was thanking the Lord for something. Then I was reminded that God is a God that provides, and He has His plans beforehand, yes even before we ask. Her post just spoke to me that sometimes we thank everyone else but God.

So I figured this might be a reminder to whoever that's reading this too.
So happened thanksgiving just over, thou we don't celebrate much here in Malaysia.

Be grateful guys, to every thing that's happening, 
and most of all, give glory to our Almighty God. 
Amen. =)


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