Nov 18, 2012

at 12:38 PM


Each time I drink coffee, I feel like bloggin lol.
Just a feelin.

Well today's the last day before exam starts.
I can't really tell you how I'm feelin.
This is totally nothin like PMR or SPM.
Those are games. High level games.
But this is no joke, it's life or death.

Everybody's updatin their progress in facebook. Well not everybody.
But those who updates seems ready.
Group studies, tips, wishes, excitements.
I had none.

What can I say.
I'm so unstable.
I can goo all out sumtimes, and lazin around the other.
Dang, Joey you suck.

I can't even answer a question from my friend.
That's for tomorrow's paper.

Anyway, brother is getting his UPSR results tomorrow.
He sure is anticipatin, he even asked us NOT to mention.

Cute brother is cute.
Well I do hope he gets better result than me and sister last time.
But either way I'm proud of him, in so many ways.
For once, I feel like a big biggie sister. :3

Kk gonna study.
Jiayou self.


I'm so gonna miss this feeling.

Last day.

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