Nov 23, 2012

at 1:44 AM

Very, random. (:

I know most of my post titles don't make sense.
Or most don't relate to the content. This time it's gonna be right k x) nyahaha.

So I stayed at aunt's place for another 3 days without Wifi.
Feels great, made me realize that there are actually plenty of things I could do without Internet. heh =) Other than studyin of course. Really, I got out of bed later than usual just to give myself excuses not to look at books for a longer time. Sigh Imma vomit soon..STPM is no joke aite.

2 papers down, 6 to go.
I'm already numb. Was talking to a few people and all of'em asked the same question. I didn't even know how to answer a simple question like 'hows exam?' I just have to say it's tearin me apart..not very serious, but at least terrible enough to make me forget what is life all about D:

Anyways, I've been watching Glee season2 to help me de-stress.
I'm totally in love with it..the music, especially. They sang all the songs in their own style and some really took me time to realize the original ones. Sigh how can they be just so perfect?
Also it's so emotional at the same time..well, some characters just fit so perfectly in some people around me. It made me imagine stuff and did alot of thinking. Funny how it actually made such impact on me.

It's 1am and i have a few aunts here at my place, ready to leave for a trip to HK.
Mother and lil brother are both going. Which means, I'll be so lonely at home till next Thursday..just with daddy coming back occasionally after work to make sure I don't die of hunger every now and then. That's it, I'm alone. Reminds me of the movie Home Alone. Whee. :3

Kinda exciting, fighting for exam alone, coming back home alone, live alone, eat alone, die alone. RAWR. Lovin that, in a way. Baby promised to be there for me aww....althou he HAS to be there with or without me being alone, just still so sweet wheeee lalalalalalala. .__.

Kk, sleep soon. I'm tired.

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