Dec 3, 2012

at 2:49 PM


2 more days guys.

A few post back was about how GG it was 2 days before exam. But in a good way. Cause 2 days before this dreadful exam started I went PD to de-stress. So now I'm again, 2 days before exam ends. I'm already partying with popcorn (for real) and games and movies.

It's actually scaring me. As high and excited I may seem, I can't forget the fact that I have 3 more papers. All 3 are for different subjects. That simply means if I screw all 3 of'em, I won't stand even a single chance to get 3.5. It also means, I do have a choice to make. Right now.

Well other than that I actually have nothing to worry about.

Nyways I'm here to make some plans. Heheehee can't be more happy for these:

- last shepherd group gathering on Wednesday, the day my exam finishes. It spells 'food'.
- appreciation dinner (sort of) on Thursday night at church. Spells 'more food'.
- cheong k with high school gang on Friday mornin. Up up here we go!
- retreat at Sepang for 3 days next week. le beach!
- special celebration with love one on the weekend. (shh)
- melaka 2 days trip with le zap ba lang gang. I'd like to call it a food trip. :3
- going SG the next day and visit some relatives at JB, then home the following day.

Those mentioned above are planned. And there are many more yet-to-be-planned plans.

2013 is here. And how sad to say, that I'm spending the first week of January for the last week of him before leaving. I told everybody I was prepared for his absence but deep down I'm really so afraid. Things may change in so many ways. Sigh.. I'm worried more of the different time zone than the distance.

I remember I had the same kind of feeling before he entered college, which was 2 years back. I kept worrying for him for no reason. Like, whether he would like it there, or whether he would pick the right course for himself, mix with the right group of people and such.. In the end praise God of course, he found his path. =)

I praise God also that he got accepted to the the uni he wanted most in US. God heard our prayers, and I hope it work out real good for him. Going oversea can mean a lot of things. It can change a person in so many aspects also. To the better or the worse. I can't control or change anything but to only pray and leave that all to God. I believe He would go with him. Most of all I hope that makes him stronger in Christ too. As long God's at work, everything's gonna be fine.. 2 years can be very short, and long at the same time. I wonder how would things be when he's finally back.

Coming back to myself.

I don't even know my own path.

But did anybody pray for mine?


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