Dec 21, 2012

at 11:46 AM

Yoz Folks.

Harro..haven't been here since exam ended.

Too many things happened, I wish I had the time and mood to share every detail here.
The only thing I remembered was the last day of my papers, I fell sick immediately after I handed the last paper. My throat was burning and I almost had fever. Thank God the sickness didn't hit in the middle of my exam period. And I was well days later. =)

My plans that I mentioned in my earlier post haven't been fully executed. Some were canceled, some were postponed. Anyway for my own memories purposes, here are some pictures. :3

Hangout with high school gang.

To a palace, at least to me, at Sepang Golden Palm Tree Resort.

Cleaning room, and found a lot love letters from my PLKN friends. 
nolah, not exactly love letters, just some farewell appreciation cards.
just so happened there were 'iloveyou's in them. hahas.
There was one more from a friend, he actually spent the whole night of our last day in camp to make the card for me. It's kinda private so I didn't put it here.
But that contains the most memories ever. =)

So I'm going back to PD this Sunday with 2 of my PLKN friends.
Back to the church we went during our 3 months in camp.
Meeting up with the church people for some catch up and lunch.
Can't wait. =)

Took this photo on my last day in school.
Left one is le exam hall.
Right one is le Statue Of Libe-...I mean, of 1 Malaysia.
Middle one is le coffee before my last paper.
Lol I was trolling outside the hall for more than 3 hours before the last paper started. There was some time lag in between my last 2 papers that's why. And I guess it was le coffee and le hot weather plus me staying outdoor in le super retarded uniform that made my sickness worse.
Last but not least the bottom one is le new roof for school. Under construction.

kk I should stop le-ing.

Christmas tree!
It was a joy decorating a tree that's N-feet tall.
Actually not that tall, 
just that it's really so tall that even JoeyTien couldn't reach the top.

AHAHAHAHA that was stupid.

Christmas is here and I'm feeling super happy as usual. 

 So other than that, I was just rotting at home playing SDO. Well honestly I really wish I hadn't known bout this game. Cause it really made me dam lifeless and it dragged me a lot. I could have done so many other better stuff. D: But true that I'm super addicted now. Bahaha. It's JUST THE SAME like SOME PEOPLE who'r so addicted to RUNNING MAN. Morning running man, afternoon runnning man, night time running man, midnight also running man. DAY DAY RUNNING MAN OMG. You know who you are lorh.. lalala.. omg come to think of it, my regular blog readers are all running man fans. No joke. LOL. Behehe, not a crime, chill, we all love to do what we love to do. Lol gg :D

Spent quality time with my sweet one.
For 4 days in a week.
I went over 3 times, and he came over once.

Also went Big Bad Wolf Bookfair with him.

Did a cover with boyfie.
Check it out yo.

'hii baby! so happy to see you again today.....=)'
'..don't get used to it kay..'

Wish you could stay.
But God wants us to be stronger.
And so I'll be stronger.


Chea Ru Yen said...

Me loveeee running man toooo!!!! XD

MidnightGurl said...

there you go.. x)


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