Jan 2, 2013

at 3:45 PM

7 days.

Each day is a day closer to saying goodbye. Water seems to leak from my eyes so much easier these days. Like, literally.

Baby is flying off to US in exactly a week time. I'm not ready yet to say bye. Each time I think of it, my eyes turn red, immediately. I had enough of people telling me it's okay, it's fast, don't worry etc etc. How many actually understand my fear and worries. Fear of being lonely. Fear of not being able to talk to him when i miss him. Fear of him not being around..

I have to stop thinking crap.
I have to stop being sad in front of him and just enjoy our days left together in Msia. It's a new life altogether for him, something that he has been waiting for so long, his dreams, his future, the things that he really love. And my part, is to be supportive and love the things he love too.

As much as I want to be excited, I'm also dying inside wishing that he could stay. But God opened doors for him, and there he went.

I'm uncertain of my own paths. I have bunch of thinking to do, things to plan and complete. But I can't start any of'em with my situation now. I can't even focus on gaming, because every little thing just keep reminding me about him.

I'm really sad.
Maybe I shouldn't send him off next week.
I can't bear to see him turn and leave, and disappear from my sight.
Cause that very scene is gonna haunt me for long.

Joey ah Joey, be strong okay..


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