Jan 10, 2013

at 4:34 PM

Ako boleh tungguuuuuu! :3

Last haircut with him before he left.


Went ice skating with him and Helen around noon, a small girl who actually talks like a boss. Kinda scary to me sometimes. :3 behehe oh well. Then I went saloon with him about evening. Finally a haircut babe. I'm so proud of your bravery T__T bahaha. You look just as cute before and after. x)

The airport part wasn't as emotional as I thought it would be, like some drama you watch where the girl will cry like the guy's dying. Those kind. Ye know. :3 

After that, his dad sent me all the way home. How sweet. Suddenly on the way home uncle said he's hungry, so we went for mcD drive-thru. He got me a double cheeseburger, and prosperity for himself. lol. Enjoyed the whole conversation with him, and realized he's actually not that scary as he seems. =p 

Reached home about 12am, and went to bed missing baby..

Distance has always been our only issue.
We've gone thru miles together.
And this time, it all will work just the same.

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