Jan 20, 2013

at 8:30 PM

Being myself..

I'm all alone at home again..
Blasting music, having my meal, just going through folders and folders of photos..

Yesterday in youth service we learnt about David's life.
I have one favorite point.

Be yourself.
God made us the way we're supposed to be, we're all special in our own ways. Never, try to be like others, just to be accepted. It's just so true. 'Have confidence.' This is no co-incidence. God spoke to me and He reminded me that I'm special in His eyes..

God really is at work.
But confidence can never be built in days or weeks. It has to be developed.
And I'm working on mine.

Things were messed up these days.. I don't know how else to fix'em.
Giving up has never occurred to me. But i need to find a solution..

Then I found out, the problem has always been me myself.
I wasn't like this.
If the same thing were to happen 2 years ago, I would have acted differently..

I don't know what happened.

I held it too tight, it's sliding away..
I brought is too close, it's running away..
I guess I just have to let go a little..so that it'll come back to me..

I pray O Lord, please guide me..

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