Jan 8, 2013

at 10:40 PM

Life, oh life.

I'm so blessed. With so many things.
I just sometimes forgot to appreciate and complain what goes wrong instead.

Anyway I've started to work again for exactly a week now. Praise God for all the students he provided, and life's not as tough now. =) Mom's kindergarten has less kids this year, the way they wanted it to be. Not as much income but easier to teach, they said. 

For just this one week itself we already had 2 kids peed in their pants, one vomited 3 days in a row cuz cried too much wanting to go home, other than that we had a few crybabies, and the rest were just fine. 

I worked here in 2011 too before I got my SPM results. It really just seems like yesterday.. My fav 4-year-old Ven Hao that I used to brag in my blog 2 years ago, is now 6 years old. Man..he's still so smart and cute and handsome and...so EVERYTHING T____T

4 years old, 2011.

6 years old, 2013.

It's actually a lil odd to type 2013. But nevermind, need to get used to it. Just shows how fast time can really fly without you noticing. I've been really busy with form6.


I don't even know how I survived form6..

That also tells me that the coming 2 years can also be super fast..

GGGGGG, do I really have to mention '2 years' in every post..isn't that annoying..I wonder how would I feel 2 years later when I read all my old posts. GG there we go again.

Yesterday was baby's 20th birthday. Glad to have celebrated it with him and his friends. He really was touched.. =) That strange feeling when I see him so happy. That just melted me sia..hehe.. Who wouldn't be happy also to be with somebody so awesomely awesome, like him. RIGHT OR NOT?! 


one day, baby.
we'll be like this, sitting together gazing at the moon.

Just maybe not in that outfit.


Why oh why,
does PMS have to come now..



Anonymous said...

2011 that one look more handsome! <3

MidnightGurl said...

yea true, cuter! xD please leave ur name ehh mister / miss anonymous. :3


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