Jan 30, 2013

at 11:23 PM


I look different here.
Can't tell whether it's a good or bad. That fringe was unintentional, annoying at the same time D: 
A haircut soon maybe.

So I was saying, I need a makeover.
Maybe I should just start with my lil bloggie.


Gonna spend hours of finding, and codes editing. Just what I used to do back then heh. No promises thou, I might just give up half way and stay with this. OMG CAN'T BELIEVE I EVEN SAID THAT. 

Well so I heard tomorrow's the last day for us to apply for uni. Screw that crap, I couldn't even fill the forms properly. Or I heard also it was just Google Chrome. Truth is I never thought of that, should've just tried with mozilla (aka my ex)..

Looooooook at this. It's finally time for my last dose of HPV vaccine. Sigh I have injection phobia since young. What's worse, tomorrow I'm going to the clinic alone. GG nobody was willing to wait for me till I finish work. Sadz. Just pray that it doesn't give any side effect. And I pray O pray, that the pain after that will be even lesser than an ant-bite. The previous 2 doses did give me a good muscle-pain. Apparently they're injection it into our muscles of the upper arm. So naturally it gives you muscle weakness later.

All I need is a stoned-strong right arm tomorrow. Just tomorrow. :3

Finally another peel-off mask last night. After sooooo long. Was too busy these few months till I forgot to keep myself pretty. bwahaha. I looked in the mirror yesterday and got shocked of all the blackheads and pores and dry skin. I forgot how long I stopped paying attention to my face. Sigh so before it's too late I did a lil favor for myself.

It's just so sad that my HTC cam is so sheeetey, can't show how bad is that FACE. But anyway I'm back for you lil one. Thanks for the reminder in that mirror. Beheh.

Tomorrow night will be my first dance class. I started Youtube so many years back and it indeed was an eye-opener. Apart from all other vids like music and comedy and cartoons and commercials, dance vids have been my fav and I've fallen in love eversince. Never have I thought that one day, I'd be able to learn like them too. That one day, I could dance like them too. So Imma appreciate it. Yey. (:

I think I was at Vincci. Was looking for black slacks, even S doesn't fit me. Imma kill myself soon. So gave up with the slacks, tried this floral dress instead. And as usual, I took picture without buying it.

GG why do I feel so girlish in this post.


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