Feb 20, 2013

at 3:20 PM

Not easy wehh..

So how do you find my bloggie's new skin? :3

I've spent days doing this, cause I don't have much free time in a day. The only time I'm free is between my tuition. Phew. Actually the hardest part was finding templates.

I don't usually change my blog skin, but when I do I make sure it lasts for a year or two! This time it took me more effort thou. It's really difficult to find templates that have all the elements I want inside. Since I'm already passed my teenage years, so I thought maybe it's time for me to..ye know, grow up...and start being a young lady.



K that sounds really gay. D:

Anyways. I really have gone into more than 10 I would say, 10 friggin websites for templates. html lah, xml lah, xanga lah.. Seriously I still don't know their differences. But care no more. I'm done with it. :3

As I was saying, I was looking for a template that has both cool and girly punya feel. So it just means I need something black and pink perhaps. When I finally found something black and pink, they didn't have the slider like the one above. So I gave up and tried other templates. Again when I found one that fits, the design pulak not nice.

So to conclude it, I was really at the brink of giving up.
I looked back again at my old template, and all it gave was dullness. Super pek cek, then I decided to man up and kacau with the codes and modify my own template.

Thanks to someone that taught me html long time ago. I remembered that was when I needed to edit my 'description box' for Friends for Sale. Nyehee. So at least I know a lil of le codes aka alien language.

I don't know what kind of feeling my blog gives you now. But it was just simple and cool at the same time for me. Plus, I spent quite some time editing codes for the slider above, and some of the things you see now were added by myself. =)

I did my homework, and I'm satisfied with the result.

I really loved this. It feels more like my space now.

More editing coming up.
Had a strange feeling that,
I might just end up doing these for the rest of my life.

If you do know what I mean.



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