Feb 1, 2013

at 7:08 PM

Not. My. Day.

Early in the morning I had to deal with somebody who's so good at commenting bout my facebook. This is not appropriate, that is not right. This is puppy love, that is meaningless. What are you trying to tell people, what examples are you showing. Every single time.

My muscle pain is killing me. Not literally but I can't sleep on my right arm. So it's just facing the ceiling, or sideway on my left. Plus my afternoon nap was disturbed by phone calls, noises, and whatnot. I woke up sweating. Just, dang.

Then I dealt with nagging the moment I woke. Say I'm not efficient, say I can't do little things, say I'm lazy. You name it. Then how about those pieces of clothes hanging in the bathroom. I made effort to wash them, you said nothing.

Nothing seems fascinating today.
Not even the gongcha I found in the fridge.

Come on, gimme a second to breath.

I contributed, alright.

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