Feb 7, 2013

at 3:26 AM


Had coffee.
So I can't sleep, yet.
12am sharp guys, 12am.

I'm in that so very confused mood again =..= kill yourself please Joey Tien.

I feel like not sleeping at all tonight. But I have work tomorrow so maybe not..or maybe just gonna sleep late.. I wanna blog all night sia.. (:

who's gonna teman me through?..music lor.

I've been thinking about faking feelings these days. Some people are so straight forward, they either gain trust, or lose friends. I appreciate straight forward people, but not all the time. You see, everything has to be balanced, and most things don't give a 100%. Being straight forward don't always give you a plus. Boss gives work and you have to say yes no matter how tired you are. You can't tell boss I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING. Or maybe you can try and tell me what happens. (:

Sometimes I fake my feelings for the better..but instead of faking them, why not adapt yourself to it if it's for the better. Then make it a habit.

The world doesn't stop for me.. I'm sad so what, I'm tired so what, I'm disappointed so what.. Nobody cares anyway. You do what has to be done, and all will be good. I want to argue back so much sometimes to certain things but then something pauses me and says, think again Joey..nothing's gonna change if you let it out.. Maybe it will, but to the worse..

Isn't life hard.. I don't know what to be anymore..

Ever since baby left to US, I've been sleeping around 10ish. So early right. Seriously these past one month I feel extra healthy lol. But I don't know why in the world would I still lose weight. Really *@(^%(*@*)$!... Speaking of that..

Hehe just poured ini milk.
It's cold and I don't like it.
But I guess this should last me a night..

As I was saying, I lost weight. One friggin' kg. I don't know, something must have gone wrong somewhere in my body. I don't know which synapse misfired or which system messed up. Hmm must be that, for no good reason. We had this Healthy Youth event last Saturday, got pretty much info. Cause I seriously wanna be healthier, so I really absorbed everything they said one okay heeehe.. I don't know how true are those info, cause it seems to me like they're not even sure. xD Anyway, I just don't wanna regret when I'm 50. :3 

People say for everything you want, you gotta sacrifice something. Be it time energy money love health or whatsoever. I slept early, and I sacrificed my time for game, for entertainment, for movies. Worth it I would say, but like I said earlier everything has to be balanced. So reason why I'm here blogging, just for tonight.

Btw I think I crapped too much. Loh-soh like ah ma. =..=

My eye bags are getting bigger. Sigh. I'm not even stressed, and I have enough of sleep. Should try with some cucumber soon maybe. Lol I think imma google it later to make sure it helps. Don't wanna waste CUCUMBERS MAN! YOU KNOW HOW HARD THEM FARMERS WORK?

:D gg brb need to shit. (1.33am)

wookay I'm back (1.40am)

I just spent 7 minutes answering the call of nature. 10 sessions of shitting is equivalent to 70 minutes. Let's round it up and make it a 60mins. 1 days = 24hours, so (24 x 10), 240 sessions of shitting takes up 1 day. I don't know what I just said.

But man, 240 sessions only take up 1 day. How many sessions do I need to pass one whole year? Lol these aren't making sense. So forget it.

Time is passing so slow all of a sudden.. So much of lovehate. I'm getting sibei random now, in a bad way. I think my brain just couldn't adapt being awake this late anymore. =p

Chinese New Year is here. This year I want the fellowship to count, not the money. I'll sit with my aunties and uncles this year instead of watching tv. I'll talk to my cousins this year instead of just playing cards. I'll put in effort to remember all the faces instead of counting the angpaus that I'm going to get. Most importantly I'll eat them cookies till they have to refill them. Even thou this has nothing to do with fellowship. :3 

I wonder if I can pass this season without even a single relative telling me how thin I've gotten. Haihs.. Just yesterday somebody gave me a super beh song look and asked, '做麽你酱瘦了的??都不像你的!' I was like okayy, even if I turn into a skeleton d also you don't have to beh song me right lol. So dear Lord, please send me some good quality fats from Above. Amen :3

I've become so uncool nowadays. 
I need my attitude back. That '不要就算' kind of attitude. Behehe. 

And btw, somebody just called me a midnight vampire again. It reminds me so much of the old times where people used to call me midnight girl, vampire girl, midnight ghost, so and so. Lol those msn Reversi nights, those emoticons, those nudges.. =)

Right, so I'm done here. It's 3.20am. I'm still wide awake.

Hi zhuzhu.

I think I need a bestie like you.


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