Feb 23, 2013

at 10:53 PM


Just got home from church.
Tired like mad today.

Birthday blasted a birthday girl last night at her place, and had a gossip night with her and another sakai. :3 Slept at 4am and therefore looked dead the whole day in church..

I planned to sleep early today, but this stupid gathering just down my flat here is really super annoying. I hate it when they have event here. Seriously, karaoke? I don't need to sleep right. As if the whole kampung has to hear you sing right. Till midnight summore. Right. RIGHT?!

It's killing my ears for goodness sake. I had to use headphones.

I don't wanna get into trouble and therefore not gonna comment anything. But since election is near, you should know what kind of gathering this is, oh well.

Sigh. I want to sleep.

Oh and yes one more thing. I parked my car just now a bit further down the parking lot at my place here. Cause it's super full here. Cars. Cars everywhere. Some fella took my parking woots. Then when I got down I saw a random chinese uncle with his little boy. He seems drunk. And he was peeing in front of me.


I really was shocked. Didn't know what to do omg. 
Okay that was all crap. What freaked me most was later, when I bypass them the little boy was like, 'ohh, leng lui..' I swear he looked 4. Really tiny and definitely not above 6. And the conversation goes like this..

boy: 'ohh, leng lui..'
uncle: 'leng lui? ohh lenglui! oi!'  

the uncle was calling me..that time he was done peeing d. Oh btw I DID NOT LOOK AT HIM REALLY, TRUST ME K, AND IT WAS SO DARK THERE SO I REALLY DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING.

Just in case. :3

Then I was half running. Ran back to house. Mana tau my brother closed the wooden door, I was knocking so furiously but HE DIDN'T OPEN YET. Cause there was some fireworks playing, MUST BE THAT EVENT DOWN THERE, so I guess he didn't hear me knocking. 

The uncle followed me up, with the little boy.. But he was at the opposite side. Then he kept calling me oii, made annoying noises sucking his lips, like how people call for bill at mamak. You know what I mean.

...that freaks me kay...really...

He then went a floor higher then kept looking and calling me from above.

You can never imagine how quiet my flat was that time. Dark. Like really whole kampung went down there for that stupid i-dont-give-a-crap gathering. Then finally when brother opened door, I rushed back in and closed the door hard.

I hope he really was drunk. Cause I don't wanna see him ever again.

Not the first time thou, just different people. It seems so unsafe here. So I pray for God's protection over my family members, over this home.. Amen.

But still was happy for being called lenglui. :3

*slaps. hard.

Be careful k guys, wherever you are. 

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