Mar 5, 2013

at 1:24 AM

He is worthy.

I can't thank the Lord more for being so faithful..

He has never failed to bless me with so much, and through that He teaches me how to bless people in return. ‘施比受更为有福’ I always hold on to this very verse and tell myself, it's okay, I'm giving this much, He'll bless me with double. True enough He did.

I'm surprised myself with what I have now. I'm not boasting. Or maybe I am, boasting about my God. I once prayed to Him, 'Bless me with more Father, I trust You will. Bless me so that I can bless Your kingdom.' God really heard me, such simple prayer. Isn't He a loving Father....

'Ask and you shall be given.' 
I used to hear this A LOT from a high school friend last time. Used to be my seatmate, my classmate, my only stick-around-friend in class, my CF president, my good girlfriend. She did plant something in my life. I love you girl.

'By faith we believe, His best receive.'
Used to be our church theme, and it always encourages me in so many things. Faith wins a lot of stuff guys I'm not joking. Don't lose your faith, God is at work. =)

On a side note, I'm having a lot of things to do recently. I plan them, but sometimes fail to do them. Partly because I procrastinate a little, but mainly cause I really have no time.. Most of the time I have to choose between rest/game. Other than that I'm just plainly working. So as of now, I'm choosing rest over game. Seriously so NOT me right. I guess I have to be back for game, and less rest.

GG so not healthy.
And since when I'm so health conscious.

I'm sounding so old now ISH.






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