Mar 25, 2013

at 2:18 AM

I think I'm a happy girl.

I love posting photos sometimes because that's when I feel good about myself. Hehe.

Boyfriend always teaches me to think this way: When you feel that people are better than you, think of things that you have and they don't, be grateful, and look up to yourself. That kinda works now.

That was just random. I'm actually here today to break that emo atmosphere a little. Cause each time I enter my blog, that aura kills me and I feel so much like it's dragging me into it again. Ish. 

So today I went MidValley for the 37th Edu Fair, or whatever they call it. It was good, but I was kinda disappointed. I didn't know there are so many things to consider. But I learnt a lot tbh. And I was quite a happy girl today.

I cancelled all my tuition today for this fair and I told myself to NOT waste my day. So I went with 9 other F6 friends by KTM. Speaking of friends, I actually felt kinda left out today cause they were already like one clique, and I was the alien. Man that feeling sucks. Problem was when I tried to blend in it made me feel so strange cause practically, nobody laughed at my jokes, nobody responded to my questions, nobody cared when I cared. :3 LOL okay I'm not complaining, but seriously I JUST CAN'T BLEND. Maybe I'm the weird one cause if I were to act the same in my own clique we would laugh and just talk about the same thing. Behehe, unless my usual gang was faking them omg gg. Also in addition, the girls weren't excited when they saw the BIG MIRROR in the washroom but I was. The girls washed their hands WITHOUT looking at the mirror but I was already there taking photos. I asked if they want to take together they asked me why. HAHA kk these are my problems, I was just perasan k. But most of all, I can't find myself laughing at their jokes either. 

I don't know, I can't seem to be one of them, I feel so bad. D: But just thankfully I still have some common topics with some of le guys. I wonder what kind of person am I to them..hopefully not somebody bad..  

The fair was pretty helpful actually. I was surprised with the amount of questions I asked thou. I went booth to booth, but some colleges don't offer degree courses. Some do, but not the course I want. Some requires Foundation studies but not STPM. I met some lectures of their colleges, talked to their counselors, asked tons of questions, and in the end I was so drained.

I guess the fair was more for SPM leavers cause I saw so many didi meimei, and all they did was to blindly get them brochures and goodies. Those were the times. But this time I guess I was determined of what I want, so I'm only asking relevant questions and I got direct answers most of the time. I guess I just didn't waste my day.

Also, I saw a bunch of unnecessary people. Cause it made the place so crowded, so stuffy. One table of 6 friggin people, with only 1 of them entering college, and the rest are merely 姨妈姑姐.. Seriously, if you need a parent with you that's understandable. But with the rest of your younger siblings and such,  I seriously think they shouldn't be there. 

Anyway I have no say. It's just that I don't like to squeeze.

I sometimes wish I had parents like those. Those that are so concerned with their child's education, their choices of courses and such. But on the other hand I'm thankful I have parents that give us the liberty to make mistakes, the liberty to choose, and the opportunity to be independent. We were being taught since young, to order our own food, to buy things with our own money, to work hard for what we want. 

I was all alone today at the fair. And with all the information I got from the fair, I guess that's a self accomplishment. I never knew I could be that independent. Heh.

I have so much to talk about actually, cause that was only half of the story. But I'm so sleepy now. I've walked the whole day in my wedge sandals, both MidValley and Jusco. 


till we meet again.


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