Mar 12, 2013

at 10:58 PM

Once in a blue moon.

2 minutes ago I was playing CandyCrushSaga on Facebook.
Then suddenly I decided to stop playing.

And the reason goes..

I had a tuition today from 3.30pm to 6pm. And I was all free till now. Can you believe it, I finally have an evening that's totally free.... 

So I posted this on Instagram this afternoon.

That was my to-do-list I made when I came back from kindergarten this noon. I was really hyper and semangat with it! I even said I'm not gonna sleep without doing all of them tonight. But meh, it's 10.30pm now and I only did one thing on the list.

Also, that's the one thing I'm gonna talk about now. But before that...


I wonder how true is that when people say "it's easy to laugh together but it's hard to live together." (actually I just quoted that myself lol but pretty much the same meaning) so yeah, best friends that only get to talk once in awhile usually have better relationships than those who meet everyday. Same goes to relationship with your love ones. As in boy-girl-relationship. 

Nevermind that, my main point is neither of those two.

So here's my confession. I wonder how long I haven't been praying properly. So does that also mean the less I talk to God, the better my relationship is with Him? I don't think that works here.. Or maybe that quote was just plain bullshit. Relationships need communication, need time to build, need effort to maintain, need your love to protect..

Crap, that contradiction. 
But nevertheless, relationships that has less communications tend to die off easier.

So of all the things I planned to do in the list, I chose to pray first. I set my own prayer station in my room just now, on some christian music (macam yes) and started praying. It was all casual and easy at first. So like any other normal daily prayer, I started praying for my family members, each and everyone of them, prayed for church, pastors, for Sabah, for some prayer requests, for my boyfriend, and finally for myself.

And in the midst of it, the song playing was 'Who am I' by Casting Crowns. Yep you can click, I linked the Youtube link with it so you can check it out if you want to. God just touched me in His ways. And so happened I was praying for something really important..well I can't describe how exactly that feeling was but that song fitted my exact situation and request that moment.

How real He is.

I don't intend to drag this post longer cause I hope this short post does say something to some of you. Those who have forgotten to spend time with God, those who have given too much excuses to stop praying, those who was strayed away from God, those who have stopped hearing from Him, so and so..

He has touched me, He can touch you all the same. 
Or even better, in a greater way.

I asked God to teach me how to let go of things.
I asked God to teach me to have stronger faith.
I prayed also that if one day things have to stop working like how it is now, He will comfort me and not let my dwell in depression for too long.

And that I will learn. to. obey.

Coming back to the CandyCrush thingy. 
I stopped playing just now cause I didn't want that God-touched feeling to fade away before I blog about it. 

Therefore decided to blog first and continue playing.

So, ciao.

I've surrendered everything to Him.
I hope my faith doesn't shatter anymore.


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