Mar 10, 2013

at 2:21 PM


Tuition at 2pm was canceled.
I was excited, but not anymore.

I wanted to sleep off that pain that weariness that depression. Then in less than a minute rain started to fall. Just so happened speaker was blasting my favorite song and therefore triggered my blogging mood.

I mean, I was kinda depressed these few days. I lost my mood for almost everything. Perhaps those are just seasons of life. Or maybe my period of pms. I told boyfriend that I don't wanna make it my excuse to emo all the time. I tried controlling and still fail every single time.

I hardly complain or talk about my relationship problems here. Partly cause there's no need for everybody to know, and secondly cause we never really had big issues. But I wish sometimes..he could understand me more when seasons like this make me so ugly, so terrible and so, unbearable. I hope he doesn't get tired of bearing with me..sigh.

I just shut myself off from him for awhile.. I needed him like mad, needed comfort from him. But I decided not to affect him further since he has work to do. Hopefully some time for myself to cool down and stuff. I don't know.

Sensitivity, if only he could be a lil more sensitive. But other than that, he's a loving boyfriend. He's done so much, and he definitely has loved me enough.

I don't know how many times have I sighed since I started blogging just now. Eyes are so tired. Head aching, mind flying everywhere, heart thumping fast for some reasons I can't explain.

I hope it doesn't stop raining.
I'm in love with this atmosphere.


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