Mar 29, 2013

at 1:37 PM

Zao an.

It's 10am. it's a nice day. Practice is cancelled, tuition is postponed. So praise God that I can have my last day of holiday all to myself. Mwahs. =)

Oh hi it's 10.30am now lol. Because I just came out from morning shower. I didn't wake up this morning smiling. But rather I was kinda moody. So I thought maybe a shower would make my hair falls nicer and therefore brightens the rest of my day. And I know it made no sense.

It's actually 11.14am cause I went and make breakfast and was talking outside with my lil brother. See how fast time flies.. My one hour is gone just like that.


'Seriously, I need to reconsider?'

Am I really choosing the wrong path? I plan to use the time I have today to look again into courses. Let's just pray that God will open my dam eyes. TO SEE WHAT HE WANTS FOR ME. I'm so frustrated each time when I need to RE-PLAN, RECONSIDER, REARRANGE, RE. RE. REPEAT JUST EVERYTHING I'VE GONE THRU. But I know it's useless to rage here. If I don't make a move, nothing changes with all my stupid complains. 


Last night somebody professional said I can learn things quick. I was half proud and half doubtful. I learn things quick, but I never seem to last long on the things I learn. I know so much, but I'm never really good at any. And for that it makes me so worthless. What good does it bring if you don't excel. Why am I like that. 


Nothing much to talk about. I think I just shouldn't say it's a nice day in my first sentence. Cause nothing in this post shows it is. Or maybe just let me recall something nice to say lol..

So yesterday I had fun in KL with my 2 bodyguards, brother and father whee. I love how my dad can always be so random. He's flexible in such a way that plans are merely plans, you don't have to always go according to plans. If plan A doesn't work, go plan B instead of cracking your head to make plan A work. Not everybody thinks like that. And my mother is a total opposite. Which is not something bad, cause she's more of an organized person.

So I have no worries when I'm with my mother, cause things can always be done as planned, perfectly. Whereas for my dad, I have to be prepared for any change of plans, that sometimes can be annoying lol. But one good thing is that, father never fails to surprise me, with random ideas. Come to think of it, I think I know why I love my boyfriend so much. Cause he's so much like my father..


Back to topic, here are some photos.

Whee finally I'm qualified to hashtag this OOTD thingy.

my didi.

didi tired liao.


me and the sun. sunlight i mean.


Father's car punya aircond spoilt d, so, natural wind all the way back.

this little one looks good, but it sucks actually.

Last night.

And this, is my station of work/game/movie/dating and whatnot.

I'm off.
Tons of work.



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