Apr 26, 2013

at 11:45 PM


I was locked outside my house few days back cause I forgot to bring house key. Had to trouble dad to come back home for me. :3 So self-shot while waiting. Hehe omg so yong sui.

Drew this for my student during tuition. He asked me to help with his art homework and so I did. I haven't been drawing for what feels like a decade, never knew my standard never drop sia WAHAHA or you can disagree. ;)

This girl's gonna grow up being a super duper hot girl. I think. Lol anyway it's really hard to capture her photos cause she's smart and too good at avoiding camera. But for me to get these close shots, hmm I wonder who's smarter now. =p


I'm alone at home now having neslo-milk and blogging. While my parents and brother are at a rally in Oakland. I wanted to go so much to feel ZE PEOPLE.

(photo copied from facebook)

After church just now as I was all excited, getting ready to go, saw mom's text.

I've been in my little world for too long. I know I'm annoying but still have to say this omg I miss meeting new people I miss making new friends I want to talk to new PEOPLE! =..= 

It's gonna be a lovely weekend, cause less stuff on my schedule. I tweeted about myself coming back now, cause I don't wanna continue wasting time only at work. I thought I had so many things to complete beginning of the year but dam I'm failing badly. Actually I forgot. :3

I hardly understand the irony of life. Sometimes it's pretty much like a plain white color. Cause when you start coloring something white people will never see it. Only you yourself know it's colored. On the contrary when you color something with red or yellow or anything besides white, it becomes noticeable and people starts commenting, good and bad. 

K brother is home, confirm gonna steal wifi stream movie. Sad I is gonna off now and glee soon. BAIS!

I lost all my sources of inspiration.



Apr 17, 2013

at 3:10 PM


"每天都不跟人家好!酱我没有朋友了咯!=( "

if only life could be as simple as that.

Finally the Blessed With Talents event is over. To be honest I didn't really like it, with all the plannings and thinking, was a real headache. Plus being the group leader, I always thought everyone has a chance to say something, which I still believe that. But when it comes to making decision, it's all up to the leader. So as phlegmatic as I am, I always have trouble with decision making. And throughout the event I've come to learn that leaders have authorities, when one member is given too much liberty to speak, to decide for the leader, then there will be arguments and conflicts. My group didn't do very well, but lessons are learnt. At least I got to know my members better. 

So one big stone had been lifted after weeks of torture. And then I didn't have time to reshuffle my application for Uni. Which made me go like dam, today's the closing date. Anyway I'm so drowned with the blurriness of my path. I wish I could start schooling soon, just anywhere EXCEPT kedah kelantan terengganu sabah sarawak pahang perak perlis penang. Johor maybe acceptable.

....HAHAHAHA okay that wasn't funny. I just want to study my choice of course somewhere not further than 100km from house and that I can travel everyday if not maybe every weekend. Yeah.

I have a confession. I stopped praying. So time to get back.

2 days ago I went out for a lunch gathering at iDelicious Uptown. Pretty average. Then headed Jusco to meet some old friends. It has been so long since I had one whole Sunday free. I loved every windowshop session with my friends. Cause windowshop simply means photo-taking in le fitting room without buying. I know.. =x

3 fellas in one fitting room. Crazy like crazy.
One more fella is too busy with self-shots so i don't have photos of her :3

Love these heels, but didn't buy.
Cause it's window-shopping.

While catching up, we updated each other of our recent statuses and such. And I noticed I have nothing much to tell. Other than work, it's still work. Whereas I had fun listening to their stories. How they're so caught up with guys. o.o This guy pays for her, that guy buys her stuff. This guy confessed, that guy brings her to Genting. This guy only has Kancil, that guy has Camry. This guy has his own factory, that guy works as a part-timer. And they all are different guys. I was like wow '我的朋友们,你们生活真是多姿多彩。'

我很像真的很 DRY 咯..

Truth is we all have different lifestyles. But I appreciate them cause we still talk like good friends. Even thou I ll never have lifestyles like theirs. =) I had quite some catch up sessions with old friends these days. Yesterday morning had breakfast with one of my high school mate. He has changed, in a good way. Back then I thought he's gonna be so doomed cause he practically ruined his own education. But when I saw him and talked to him, I thanked God in my heart cause he really has changed. And also cause he didn't stop going to church. Guess that's what's holding him on..

Also recently I received an inbox msg from a friend. Click to enlarge them.

Read if you care enough. Let's rise up and pray for the nation. 
Malaysia belongs to God. 

I have plenty of giants in my life,
that I need to overcome.

Be courageous.
God said.

Apr 12, 2013

at 2:18 PM


I could have gone to bed for a short nap but decided to stay here to blog. Just cause I haven't been updating and kinda miss the feeling of typing. Ye know. :3

Had awesome lunch just now.

2 days ago I randomly posted a status saying I want chicken rice. Mom saw that and promised to let me try a very famous one. :3 And today dad bought me this for lunch. Not the famous one but still, CHICKEN RICE! rawr, my parents are awesome.


Last weekend I went Hill Park with family. It's a new place in S2. Many has been posting photos of HillPark on Facebook and therefore triggered my curiosity. Lol. Indeed it was a nice place to hangout. Imma bring boyfie here to paktoh when he's back behehehe. 

This shaky shot is so wasted.

I look like a turtle here idk why.

And this is my most satisfied shot of the day.
 Baba n mama, hand in hand.
So romantic, so melted.


And I want this outside my dream house next time.

This month isn't my month, I hated it since day one of April. Not because I was fooled or anything, but just, it didn't start good. And because things flooded my schedule and made my weeks so hectic. Not exactly BUSY but just a lot of things to settle. Not gonna name them, but till today 12th April, I still think this isn't a good month. GG and it's passing super duper quadruple uber SLOW. And for some reason I failed in almost every single thing I do this month.

Kla suddenly so tired, shall stop here.

LOL so random, I think pms d. Ciao.

Galatians 6:7
Do not be deceived. God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.


Apr 5, 2013

at 2:46 AM


I'm downloading SonyVegas because that friggin windows movie maker isn't working. I wanted to download it since long time ago. Finally now. Anyway line is still so slow, so frustrated cause dad is watching TomCruise outside with his laptop. T_T

Decided to stay up tonight cause too many things undone. I have work tomorrow but meh. Sleeping seems like a waste of time all of a sudden. After my night shower just now around 12.15am (so precise right, cause I checked my time after shower duh) I went and brew coffee and added a spoon of milo powder. And my room's light spoilt, so it's only me and my all-time favourite table lamp.


Sigh I'm so tired. Line is too slow, I'm giving up soon. Please God, don't make me stay up for nothing.. =( 

Just complained to dad, he said movie finishing in 5mins oh wheeee. K it also means I'm signing off soon. Hopefully I get to finish everything by tonight. God bless guys, ciao!


Apr 2, 2013

at 1:29 PM


Yep I lied in my previous post.

This looks so much like a syok sendiri thing LOL.

So that 10 years from now I read this back I'll be like woooooo, I was once so childish. 


Cheers. (:


Apr 1, 2013

at 1:24 PM

April Fool. Not.

Truth is, I'm done with Joshua Wong.

Everybody thinks it's a joke, because it's April Fool.

If you're reading this then congrats cause you just got the truth firsthand.

Problems accumulated, and we gave up tolerating.

Just so happened it's April Fool, so nobody would believe me.

I don't even understand why he NEEDS to clarify it that way at my status.

Cause people would believe more that it's a joke.

I don't care anymore.



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