Apr 5, 2013

at 2:46 AM


I'm downloading SonyVegas because that friggin windows movie maker isn't working. I wanted to download it since long time ago. Finally now. Anyway line is still so slow, so frustrated cause dad is watching TomCruise outside with his laptop. T_T

Decided to stay up tonight cause too many things undone. I have work tomorrow but meh. Sleeping seems like a waste of time all of a sudden. After my night shower just now around 12.15am (so precise right, cause I checked my time after shower duh) I went and brew coffee and added a spoon of milo powder. And my room's light spoilt, so it's only me and my all-time favourite table lamp.


Sigh I'm so tired. Line is too slow, I'm giving up soon. Please God, don't make me stay up for nothing.. =( 

Just complained to dad, he said movie finishing in 5mins oh wheeee. K it also means I'm signing off soon. Hopefully I get to finish everything by tonight. God bless guys, ciao!


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