Apr 12, 2013

at 2:18 PM


I could have gone to bed for a short nap but decided to stay here to blog. Just cause I haven't been updating and kinda miss the feeling of typing. Ye know. :3

Had awesome lunch just now.

2 days ago I randomly posted a status saying I want chicken rice. Mom saw that and promised to let me try a very famous one. :3 And today dad bought me this for lunch. Not the famous one but still, CHICKEN RICE! rawr, my parents are awesome.


Last weekend I went Hill Park with family. It's a new place in S2. Many has been posting photos of HillPark on Facebook and therefore triggered my curiosity. Lol. Indeed it was a nice place to hangout. Imma bring boyfie here to paktoh when he's back behehehe. 

This shaky shot is so wasted.

I look like a turtle here idk why.

And this is my most satisfied shot of the day.
 Baba n mama, hand in hand.
So romantic, so melted.


And I want this outside my dream house next time.

This month isn't my month, I hated it since day one of April. Not because I was fooled or anything, but just, it didn't start good. And because things flooded my schedule and made my weeks so hectic. Not exactly BUSY but just a lot of things to settle. Not gonna name them, but till today 12th April, I still think this isn't a good month. GG and it's passing super duper quadruple uber SLOW. And for some reason I failed in almost every single thing I do this month.

Kla suddenly so tired, shall stop here.

LOL so random, I think pms d. Ciao.

Galatians 6:7
Do not be deceived. God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.


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