May 21, 2013

at 11:44 PM

Semester break soon!

Wow weather tonight hen gao lat.
Just had my night shower and started to sweat again in less than 10 minutes =(

It's school semester break soon,
also means it's my holiday soon!
I'm friiiggiin' the high aite.

Going for church camp for the first time in my life,
gonna have all the fun I can! =)

There will be 2 weeks break, and I pushed all my tuition forward to the first week, so that I can keep my 2nd week for camps and outings. Planned to go for a Lankawi trip right after church camp, but I can't make it in the end for some reasons. Sigh disappointment overload.. It was a trip with my sister and her gang in Uni. I was so happy thinking that finally I can meet some new faces, talk to new people and stuff but nahh, things went down to drain. Sister was disappointed too. But aihs it's okay, next time!

Just had a call this afternoon from a church friend. He's also my ex children church teacher. So I can't exactly call him a friend. K whateva. But some things he said this afternoon encouraged me. Suddenly I felt like God hasn't left me yet, He's always here. Won't tell what he said but it all sums up to a conclusion that I've changed. Duh of course I have, he was my children church teacher back in..urm..around 2003 or so. Anyways! thanks for the encouragement, wo hui jia you de hehe!

Also another phone call from a student's mother. She was happy cause her kid's mathematics got 91 and she said she can't thank me more. Hehe proud of you little one. Not boasting, just giving the glory to God. I think I prayed for my students before their exams. Forgot if I did, but I guess I was half asleep when I brought it up to God. HAHA ok nevermind God heard me. Whee

Boyfriend is moving to a new unit soon. He picked alot of stuff from everywhere cause everyone is moving out. Some from the charity bins, some from the stuff that people don't want anymore, some from..just everywhere. And he got me this omgeeeegeeenesss le cute tiger le hat!

tehee hen cute hor..hor!!

Ok ignore me maybe cause he's my bf that's why everything he got me also I'll say they're cute one even thou they're not right but no seriously this is super ke aii behehehhe woots.

Alright enough.

Other than that these are the stuff he found, yes including the TV, and please spot my lil tiger hat tqvm.

Point is he keeps reminding me of how my dad always brings back funny funny stuff and brag about them as if he's won some gold or something. Then he'll go all 'eh RM2 only leh!' or like 'RM10 for these 3 items!' Lol same thing like how my boy bragged and say it looked like he had saved a thousand usd for these stuff.

But still, I love them both this way cause that's how random how unpredictable they can get. 

K back to business. Back to CandyCrush. Then sleep. 


I think I look abit sakai tonight. Literally.

I wish you best of luck honey.
For your new semester new friends new season.

Till we meet again.
Muax =)


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