Jun 29, 2013

at 12:48 PM


- It is impossible to do everything people want you to do. You have just enough time for God's will.

- Purpose-driven living leads to a simpler lifestyle and a saner schedule. The bible says, 'A pretentious, showy life is an empty life; a plain and simple life is a full life.' It also leads to peace of mind.

- You weren't put on earth to be remembered. You were put here to prepare for eternity.

- Unfortunately, those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.

- I don't know all the keys to success, but one key to failure is to try to please everyone.

-Rick Warren-

I finally understood why God make me read this book 2 years later after I bought it. Because I needed guidance just at this junction. I always complain I know nothing. Truth is, I know a lot of things, but never excel in any. I want to be in every part of the game, I want to have a role to play everywhere I leave my footstep. I want to be somebody. Perhaps because I tried too hard, that I'm lost at a lot of dead ends. It's like a maze of life.

I've met some random people asking me 'what are you pursuing?' 'what is your dream?' 'what do you wish to become?' 'are you striving for something at the moment?' I avoid questions like these most of the time. Because I couldn't give an exact answer. Nothing precise. It's always a 'maybe'. I was running away from reality all this while.

I tried too hard to look for myself, to seek my direction, to discover my passion. In the end it all leads to pointless errors. I have too many things on hand at one time, I have no focus at all, and therefore I fail in everything I do.

So greedy.

I have to start slowing down my pace again.
No hurry no rush.
Focus, and get things done accordingly.

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. - 1Peter 5:7

'I say this because I know what I am planning for you' says the Lord, 'I have good plans for you, not plans to harm you. I will give you hope and a good future.' Jeremiah 29:11 (NCV)

I like this version better because it says 'good' future. =)

After all, my God is a God that never go against His promises.


Jun 26, 2013

at 2:29 PM

I am my own little girl.

今天小女孩 A 哭了,哭得很可怜,因为朋友突然对她说 ‘我不要跟妳好!’ 大家都把自己的水壶放在一起,然后把小女孩 A 的水壶推给她,说 ‘走开!’ 我就在她身旁,望了她5秒。怎么哭了也那么惹人爱。。

结果我抱了抱她,说 ‘乖,姐姐跟你好,ok?’ 她停了,湿着双眼点点头,可爱死了。。

今天我负责教五岁班,功课给了后,小朋友们都忙着上颜色。突然发现小女孩 B 上错了颜色,我开口就骂她说 ‘姐姐刚才教书你有在听吗??’ 她嘟起嘴,皱起眉,把刚刚上的颜色擦了。过不久,她哭了起来。


‘我要妈咪!’ 结果哭得更大声。

看着她的眼泪大滴大滴地流,我心软了。结果拍拍她的头说,‘好了,姐姐sayang妳,不要哭了ok?妈咪等下就来,乖。。’ 然后她停了,也一样湿着双眼大力地 ‘嗯!’ 了一声,点点头,擦擦眼睛继续上颜色。





Jun 25, 2013

at 8:41 PM

Happy Belated Birthday buddy.

A really late post, and a dedication to my fav sakai. Sorry kawan, I've been really busy with things, caught up with daily activities and all. I owe you one. ;)

Truth is, I've always remembered your birthday, I started reminding myself one month ago, one week before, and even at 12am on the 21st June. But I was so helpless didn't know what to do TT I wanted things to be meaningful, so I didn't call at 12am, didn't text you cause that's too mainstream, didn't facebook you cause it looked like facebook has reminded me instead.

So in the end I slept without doing anythin'. =.=

Anyway, I'm not here to give all my excuses, even thou I already have lol. I only wondered if you noticed I haven't wished you. It's just too bad you weren't in Seremban the whole of last weekend, or else I would have planned something for you.

Sakai being sakai on the left.

I think I look ugly in this photo, forgot why I laughed that way, and ew my eyebags. 
But didn't matter, cause you said I looked good wahahahaah.

All in all, allow me to geli for this once.

Happy birthday Bei, even thou I'm 4 days late.
I love you girl, cause you matter to me.


Jun 10, 2013

at 12:49 AM

For memory purposes - Church Camp

So this is my very first time going for a church camp.
3rd June - 6th June 2013.

About 100 of us I guess.

Ah Bii (the girl with cake)was very lucky to have spent her 17th birthday during church camp.
So they planned a surprise.

Aww sweet effort! =)

Part of us youths.

Water Theme Park.

My favorite game!
whee I was the 2nd from the right. 


And of all the photos,

I love this best!

Gel :: Angelina :: Me :: Bong

Cutie pie is cute!

My roommates.

Me :: junior Joey :: Bong :: Gel

x - x - x - x - x - x

I'm having trouble with my future paths. And I think God was speaking to my heart regarding purpose of life during church camp this time. Just so happen also that I was reading this Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Lemme tell you, my level of procrastination is so high until one point I only remember this book after  about 3 years. I bought it during Mission Trip in Baguio back in 2010. But nevertheless, I believe it isn't by accident that I remember this book. I felt like it's just the right timing for me to read it now. I'm struggling still with my life at this junction, not knowing which way to head. So I pray that He'll not stop guiding me, in any way He could.

2 weeks of holidays swept by like nothing. I had a week break from my tuition, and I can't accept the fact that I'm gonna face my students again tomorrow. It's a whole new half of the year altogether. *heave a big bigge sigh* omg I'm not even schooling and I complain time passing fast. It's a good sign thou, it means I'm enjoying life.

Anyway last night I was crying to myself thinking nobody cares for me. Well it's normal cause that's my bad habit. Then suddenly a song came to my mind, and I started singing..

'Jesus You are my best friend, You will always be, nothing will ever change that..'

I repeated, again and again, till I was okay, till I felt better, till I was deep asleep.

World was dull, but God added the colours.


Jun 2, 2013

at 6:35 PM

1234 days of love.

Happy 1234th day hun.
I thank God for bringing us this far.

As much as I hate every pointless arguments with you,
I appreciate them too as those are what made us stronger each day.
We ain't perfect but the love we've shared are genuine,
that even the sun the stars the moon the bear the miiao the bees couldn't understand that.
That sure I am. :3

Missed your warmth.
Come back soon.


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