Jun 10, 2013

at 12:49 AM

For memory purposes - Church Camp

So this is my very first time going for a church camp.
3rd June - 6th June 2013.

About 100 of us I guess.

Ah Bii (the girl with cake)was very lucky to have spent her 17th birthday during church camp.
So they planned a surprise.

Aww sweet effort! =)

Part of us youths.

Water Theme Park.

My favorite game!
whee I was the 2nd from the right. 


And of all the photos,

I love this best!

Gel :: Angelina :: Me :: Bong

Cutie pie is cute!

My roommates.

Me :: junior Joey :: Bong :: Gel

x - x - x - x - x - x

I'm having trouble with my future paths. And I think God was speaking to my heart regarding purpose of life during church camp this time. Just so happen also that I was reading this Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Lemme tell you, my level of procrastination is so high until one point I only remember this book after  about 3 years. I bought it during Mission Trip in Baguio back in 2010. But nevertheless, I believe it isn't by accident that I remember this book. I felt like it's just the right timing for me to read it now. I'm struggling still with my life at this junction, not knowing which way to head. So I pray that He'll not stop guiding me, in any way He could.

2 weeks of holidays swept by like nothing. I had a week break from my tuition, and I can't accept the fact that I'm gonna face my students again tomorrow. It's a whole new half of the year altogether. *heave a big bigge sigh* omg I'm not even schooling and I complain time passing fast. It's a good sign thou, it means I'm enjoying life.

Anyway last night I was crying to myself thinking nobody cares for me. Well it's normal cause that's my bad habit. Then suddenly a song came to my mind, and I started singing..

'Jesus You are my best friend, You will always be, nothing will ever change that..'

I repeated, again and again, till I was okay, till I felt better, till I was deep asleep.

World was dull, but God added the colours.


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