Jun 25, 2013

at 8:41 PM

Happy Belated Birthday buddy.

A really late post, and a dedication to my fav sakai. Sorry kawan, I've been really busy with things, caught up with daily activities and all. I owe you one. ;)

Truth is, I've always remembered your birthday, I started reminding myself one month ago, one week before, and even at 12am on the 21st June. But I was so helpless didn't know what to do TT I wanted things to be meaningful, so I didn't call at 12am, didn't text you cause that's too mainstream, didn't facebook you cause it looked like facebook has reminded me instead.

So in the end I slept without doing anythin'. =.=

Anyway, I'm not here to give all my excuses, even thou I already have lol. I only wondered if you noticed I haven't wished you. It's just too bad you weren't in Seremban the whole of last weekend, or else I would have planned something for you.

Sakai being sakai on the left.

I think I look ugly in this photo, forgot why I laughed that way, and ew my eyebags. 
But didn't matter, cause you said I looked good wahahahaah.

All in all, allow me to geli for this once.

Happy birthday Bei, even thou I'm 4 days late.
I love you girl, cause you matter to me.


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