Jul 7, 2013

at 3:37 PM

8 days to 15th.

Everywhere I go, I go with the presence of you in my mind.

Dreaming every now and then that you're right next to me.
Wishing so bad that you're here with me.
Imagining every response you would give, to every action I may take.
Picturing you doing the same thing as I am.

I love bringing back memories from the past,
just to hear your voice playing in my head.
I love holding things that you gave,
just to remember how you used to hold my hand.

It's been 3 and a half years.
With us walking through ups and downs with each other.
I hope I still am capable of being the one,
and only one that helps in most of the things you do.

Even thou it's 8 days to our 42 months.
But I want to hereby wish us a happy 3 and a half years together.
With this also I want to tell you I'm sorry,
for being stubborn being ridiculous.

Once again thanks for everything.
I wish I'm a better girlfriend.

With love,


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