Jul 9, 2013

at 6:48 PM

Dream #1

I've been dreaming strange dreams lately. Dreams that include crime scenes, escaping from people, weird places, superpower, fairytale, death, me stabbing monsters, immortality, and the rest were about my boyfriend rofl.

So here goes.


It was pitch dark in that endless space, everyone was trapped in a maze with walkways and steps and slopes. So ultimately everyone was trying to escape from the maze. Suddenly there were leopards and tigers chasing us. So we had to either climb on higher grounds, or keep sprinting away from them. I could remember myself holding a sabre and when finally I reached a dead end, I decided to turn around and  confront the leopard behind me. In the end when it jumped on me, I straighten my hand and it was killed having the sabre cut right through it's heart. 

Suddenly out of nowhere, there was a river of ink that came like tsunami, filled the whole walkway and kept rising till it reached out chest level. To avoid being drowned by the black milk, we kept walking up the slope and it seemed so never-ending. 

Now the setting has changed.

I walked into a room along the walkway, like it has a small door that only I could see. When I walked in, the black milk did not flow in through the door, they remained outside and I was saved. There was this pair of mother and daughter sitting on a sofa or something. I forgot why but she was holding a round blade that has no holder, and around the blade there were sharp sawteeth with zigzag pattern. She was coming towards me. I wanted to protect myself. Before I could do anything, she was standing in front of me with her eyes staring straight into mine. Let me tell you you don't want to imagine that. She did not blink. So it was like.. O__O...dang it.

Next thing was her trying to kill me with that blade. Like I said it has no holder and it was round, so when she was holding it at the same time the sharp saw-teeth was also facing her palm. I tried to block but I was too afraid it would hurt me, till in the end I man-ed up and pushed the blade hard to her. Amazingly the blade bended I had no idea how. So her hand was bleeding. 

I pushed her to the sofa and in a blink of an eye the sabre I used earlier to kill the leopard appeared in my hand again :3 She was trying to defend and attack, really the scene was so cigek. (I guess I got that feeling from the RunningMan game I had with my church friends last Sunday when we were trying to tear the names from each other's back.) So later I STABBED her in her stomach with my sabre, then 2 more stabs right at her heart. She screamed, and she died.

Her mother was crying so bad. She then said something like '今天是她的生日!你竟然杀死她!我刚刚还问她要吃什么!还打算请她吃大餐!’ 


Then the next scene was me talking to the pretty girl in spirit form. She became a good ghost. I felt bad because she was really pretty. So I cried and told her I'm sorry. She forgave me. We hugged. I wonder how I hugged a spirit but yeah, no hate, and we were friends again.

P/s: Ok I had a really hard time recalling it.


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