Aug 26, 2013

at 2:33 PM

Grow up. =)

It's exactly 2 months away from my 20th birthday..I'm so glad my birthday falls at the end of the year so it gives me time throughout the year to be prepared to get older.

My teenage years have finally come to an end, and I want to make my life counts in my 20s.

I may have spent my entire 8 months till today grieving and moaning on how miserable my life was, but God opened my eyes to make me realize that I actually had more than I deserve, that life isn't plainly about what I get and what I am.

I just came to realize that my parents are actually too awesome.

My father hardly complains about anything, patience is his best virtue. My father brings us anywhere we want to go, he gives the best advises about life, he tells the best jokes, he helps us explore everything, he lets us try every awesome stuff, he is my best hero. And I think my father is really, really smart and talented. Book smart, street smart, yes both of them ohhh no wonder I'm so smart myself (LOL).

My mother on the other hand, is the most systematic person I've seen. She prepares everything beforehand, she knows every little detail about us, she makes sure everything runs accordingly. My mom never forgets about our meals. She cares about our daily life, she cares about each and every of our outing with friends, she knows almost ALL the names of my friends. She just does. My mother remembers everything we said, she gets mad but she doesn't stop loving us. Also, my mother is the cutest thing on earth, especially when she laughs ohhhhh okay no wonder I'm so cute myself too HEHEHEHE.

Well I'm sure I express to them all the time of my love towards them. I hug my mother when she's unaware of my presence, and I hug my dad just the same when he comes back from work every weekend. I don't know why but I just find myself loving them more each day. He buys me my favorite food, she cooks me my favorite dishes, they just never fail to touch me.

It's exactly 2 months away from my 20th birthday..I'm growing up and my parents are getting older.. I don't know how to thank them more...Instead of celebrating my birthday this year I really wish to celebrate their effort and love instead. Other than God himself, my parents are the ones that love me the longest.

I can't afford to lose them.

It's exactly 2 months away from my 20th birthday.
Thanks mom and dad, it's actually your day, not mine.


Aug 21, 2013

at 2:13 PM


21st august 2013 1:28pm

Kay I'm kinda excited now I have no idea why.

I just came back from kindergarten at 1pm and had lunch. I have 3 tuition today first one at 2.30pm to 4.30pm, second at 4.30pm to 7pm and third one at 7.30pm to 9pm yay I'm a supergirl. :D

I didn't have enough sleep last night because I had too much tea during Shepherd Group at the Ngoh's therefore I slept at 1am. I'm bringing a 3in1 coffee later with me thou, just in case my eyes stop cooperating at any of my student's place hehe.

So last night while in bed I was struggling to sleep. It's been long since I last experienced that, cause most of the time nowadays I just die peacefully on bed the moment I close my eyes. Except for some emo nights of course luls. So my mind got busy thinking again, suddenly some past events triggered a spark in my head. It gave me some inspiration to start doing something. Well I am excited. =)

Also today at kindergarten I was discussing about their coming concert in November with the teachers aka my aunts and mom. Don't worry it isn't like a big concert or something, just a graduation kind of thing. I told mom I'm gonna take it as my personal project to make the concert a different one this year. So yeap, can't wait.

Actually I came here to blog to keep myself fresh for later. Ish I'm gonna be so exhausted tonight. Anyway let's talk about boyfriend. :3 He has endless events going on now and makes it harder for us to spend enough time, but I'm so thankful to God we're still strong together. Baby is super busy also even busier than my schedule like hurts sometimes that we can't talk longer, but it hurts more sometimes to see him so tired. He has been casting for hon tour also at, proud of him =) I showed my parents and they were impressed bahaha miao.

Can't wait till he's back!

Aite it's almost time, gotta get going. Forgive me for this pointless post.



Aug 18, 2013

at 10:49 PM


Actually I just cancelled off everything I just typed because I thought I was being too self-centered. So here's a retype.

What is bff. Define bff. Bed fights pillow talk girls night yamcha hangout sleepovers? Exchanging secrets long hours phone calls gossips concerts shopping manicure pedicure whatever cure? 

No it isn't that simple and I figured I need to redefine it.

To sum it all up,

I can't contain anymore words of discouragement.
It's too heavy to handle..

I'm just sad sometimes when of all the people around me you guys are the ones that crush me put me down doubt my capabilities criticize me and whatnot. I would love to believe those were jokes but nobody likes being a laughing stock every single time yes every single time and NO encouragement after that? I don't do that.

What's the point complimenting when all I get in return was negative comments. I'm boosting people's confidence but at the same time being stepped over and over again on my confidence platform or however you want to put it. 

I can continue expressing all I want but I just choose not to do that.

x - x- x -x - x - x - x

So I complained to dad and mom just now of how frustrated I am and how hopeless I feel for friendship,

and they agreed to be my best friends. 

I have loving parents. 

If I can be sensitive with your feelings, 
could you please consider mine too?


Aug 15, 2013

at 2:37 PM

August break. A break?

When it comes to self-entertaining,
nobody wins me.

Blehhs :D

So this 2 weeks break really means sufficient break. I practically spent 90% of it rotting at home with brother while parents went for work. Lemme just roughly tell you what has happened thus far. 

I started my holiday with a HK drama series ‘好心作怪’. I forgot the last time I actually followed a whole complete series. And I'm not surprised how I was all so absorbed in it, just like before. I finished the series in 5 days with 30 episodes. I know it's still slow, but considering that I've lost touch with all good dramas for such a long time, that was actually pretty fast already. =p  

Don't worry I ain't gonna do a boring review but that drama did affect me emotionally, I think it's really bad cause I felt what they felt and some parts really made me dam emo alright.. =( No good no good. Anyway it had a good ending so I was a happy girl again.

Last Thursday and Friday there was this Audio Workshop organised by our church, we had people from Melaka from Johor from KL and some other small places to come by for it. I was asked to go on Friday to be one of the band member just so to let them practice with a complete set of Mixer and stuff. 

Pro shit.

Looook at that...
Wait was that a speaker or somethin?

Well I'm still not as good with these systems as my boyfriend. He would really love them, I think ;) Anyway check out some not-so-pro pictures of us jamming.

Justina being the pianist.

Me being the singer + guitarist.
(eee ugly face sobs)

And Jr being the drummer.

I wasn't satisfied with my performance even thou it wasn't one plus nobody cares plus GAHHH I just suck that day. I didn't even know I had to it turned out really unprepared and just pure dung. ='(

But still it doesn't matter cause nobody's gonna remember me are they? wheee.

So the day before yesterday which was a Tuesday, dad brought me to visit MMU at Cyberjaya together with my brother. I loveeee random trips like that especially when it's with my dad. ^^ He loves to avoid using highway cause he always claim to be good with old roads. Turned out he was always right. I lost count of the coffee shops he stopped us at each time he passed by these old streets. Then he would start telling us how awesome their food was and all.. That's my father. :3  

Small town. Old street.

Coffee shop with perfect coffees.

Me and le brother and le daddy's arm.

Coming back to the visit paid, I won't say the campus is very impressive or nice. Just like any other universities, buildings, carparks, raods, trees, people.....kk sorry :3

I have so many things to consider still, and MMU seems to be half-way off my list now. I would say the only thing that caught my attention was the DHL office lalalala you don't have to know why HEHE :D

Other than that, there weren't any more events. Only me rotting in my room doing nothing. But not exactly, cause God knows what motivated me to draw again. I was so afraid my skills would become worse by now but HEYYYYYYYYYYY, SEXY LAYYYDEYYYYYYYYY miao. :3


Watched Percy Jackson with brother the other night. The movie was only about an hour and a half. I think it would be better if it was longer. The evil ones died too easily. But nevertheless good movie, cause all the actors actresses were so good looking omg especially Annabeth *loves!* ^_____^

There there, the girl in the center is ANNABETH. =)

And reminded me a little of the previous Lightning Thief.
I think Lightning Thief was better. 
Well personal preference.

Oh and darlingJosh is finally in one of the casting crew. I don't know much about the details but me is so proud of him. Last night was the first time I PROPERLY heard him cast for HontourSEA thanks to my family for being away so I didn't have to deal with shitty connection. =D and I painted my nails black while watching the game.


Last but not least,

It's me again.

 Every 15th is meant to be special.
So however the situation,

it still IS special to me.


Aug 8, 2013

at 2:43 PM

I have imba mood swing and I know it.

Have you ever come across question like, what am I here for?

No seriously.

Sometimes I wonder how would it be like if I never existed. Now that I have a mind to think, a heart to contain and a body to feel, I know I am here blogging, I have my conscience, I am here, alive. But what if I wasn't.

It's like, looking at it from my view, what makes me me. So abstract.


It's the second day of Raya holiday but I'm feeling so empty suddenly. I wish I could run out of this comfort zone now. Nothing to look forward to, nothing to be excited about. I have so many things to do actually, like reading drawing gaming, things I usually LOVE to do but complain I have no time for them. Now that I have all the time in the world but yet I have no motivation to do them. It feels like nothing to me anymore. So what if I'm doing them now, I don't even feel like it. =(

I think I'm missing out A LOT of things in life.
Need more guts. Miss no more.

chak. =)

Nothing in this world is actually yours.
Think of it that way.
so you will not feel anything when you lose it,
so you will not take things for granted,
so you will cherish them more when you have them.

Somebody tell me,
is that the correct way of thinking?


Aug 4, 2013

at 1:58 AM

Joey sucks.

I woke up a few times since 4am in the morning.

I had one continuous no-so-sweet-dream about somebody.

And one more dream about the same person, but sadder.

I was wide awake finally by 8am.

However I spent an hour plus on bed being blank.

Or perhaps I was thinking too much until I forgot what were they.

I was busy the whole day.

But I was not happy the whole day.

I spent almost the entire day in church.

But I was not happy the whole day.

I occupied myself with so many stuff like 2 days ago.

But I was not happy the whole day.

I just reached home and it's 1:43 am now.

I was so down the whole day I felt like crying a few times.

I' lost of words.

I wonder who I am to you anymore.

I don't even dare to guess anymore..

Don't cry Joey.
Don't cry..

Aug 1, 2013

at 3:00 PM


Happy August.. =)

I think I'm slacking here, ohnonononoooooooooou.

Perhaps like my previous title, it's the transition I'm going through that makes me so frustrated and lost sometimes, that even blogging becomes a burden to me woot. o.o

Anyway just a lil bit of an update, I've been planning for my uni and stuff. I haven't come to conclusion yet but at least I have a few options in mind now. It's so depressing to see all my friends counting down on the days left to enter Uni while I'm sitting here with 0 contribution to the society. Why am I such a failure omg.

On a side note, I just closed my music player because every songs seems so disturbing to my mood now. Cause I thought music always heals but not this time. Strange. Idk why perhaps it's my period. I'm so emo now URGH but how did I manage to start this post being happy? Joey you suck D:

So yesterday afternoon I had gotong-royong alone in my room. It's so rare that I have no tuition in the afternoon. So first I rearranged all my clothes in my closet, cause God knows when I started stuffing my dried clothes in it without piling up properly.

I modified plenty of my old clothes so I can still wear them without feeling bored.

Like this one! *feeling pro*

Hehe. Took me an hour plus to re-categorize the pieces. Then next I went ahead and cleared some empty boxes below my table. Didn't know they were EMPTY till I cleaned them yesterday. So it means they've been there like years without anything inside yet occupied my room and made it looked so stuffy. Dang them boxes. So now I have more places for my legs to move around yey. 

One thing that most don't know about me. I hate corners. Thou I always emo draw circle at one corner but still, corners are dirty, corners are dusty, corners are creepy. :3 So yesterday, I man up and cleaned all le dust at the corner of my room. You don't want to imagine my face when I wiped the dust. You don't want also to imagine the amount of dust there was. RAWR even now I still cannot accept......ew...

Oh did I mention I showered and did mask before I started cleaning my room? I know, so dumb. 

So after the corners, I changed my bed sheet and cleaned my patungs on the bed one by one. They are so ever lovely. Heh. You know, I can never go to sleep without soft toys or bolster. I need my bed to be filled with stuff so I can sleep comfortably. So each time I go for vacation I bring my toiis along. Usually it's le tiger and duck. Tiger from le boyfie and duck from le mama just telling lol.

Finally when I was done with everything, my hair looked so lion king and my face was oily again gg pointless mask session ish.

So I went for a second round of self-cleaning.

Well that was basically how I spent my last day of July trying to occupy myself so I can stop thinking for a moment. My room looks perfect now. Makes me a happy girl.

It's already August and I really can't stop seeing how fast time had passed.. I just hope this season of life can be a lesson in the future. In any way it can. Because I'm wasting my time away. Gotta stop right here right now.

Till then I'm going to take a nap now.
Gonna die of period pain anytime soon KTHXBAI. 


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