Aug 15, 2013

at 2:37 PM

August break. A break?

When it comes to self-entertaining,
nobody wins me.

Blehhs :D

So this 2 weeks break really means sufficient break. I practically spent 90% of it rotting at home with brother while parents went for work. Lemme just roughly tell you what has happened thus far. 

I started my holiday with a HK drama series ‘好心作怪’. I forgot the last time I actually followed a whole complete series. And I'm not surprised how I was all so absorbed in it, just like before. I finished the series in 5 days with 30 episodes. I know it's still slow, but considering that I've lost touch with all good dramas for such a long time, that was actually pretty fast already. =p  

Don't worry I ain't gonna do a boring review but that drama did affect me emotionally, I think it's really bad cause I felt what they felt and some parts really made me dam emo alright.. =( No good no good. Anyway it had a good ending so I was a happy girl again.

Last Thursday and Friday there was this Audio Workshop organised by our church, we had people from Melaka from Johor from KL and some other small places to come by for it. I was asked to go on Friday to be one of the band member just so to let them practice with a complete set of Mixer and stuff. 

Pro shit.

Looook at that...
Wait was that a speaker or somethin?

Well I'm still not as good with these systems as my boyfriend. He would really love them, I think ;) Anyway check out some not-so-pro pictures of us jamming.

Justina being the pianist.

Me being the singer + guitarist.
(eee ugly face sobs)

And Jr being the drummer.

I wasn't satisfied with my performance even thou it wasn't one plus nobody cares plus GAHHH I just suck that day. I didn't even know I had to it turned out really unprepared and just pure dung. ='(

But still it doesn't matter cause nobody's gonna remember me are they? wheee.

So the day before yesterday which was a Tuesday, dad brought me to visit MMU at Cyberjaya together with my brother. I loveeee random trips like that especially when it's with my dad. ^^ He loves to avoid using highway cause he always claim to be good with old roads. Turned out he was always right. I lost count of the coffee shops he stopped us at each time he passed by these old streets. Then he would start telling us how awesome their food was and all.. That's my father. :3  

Small town. Old street.

Coffee shop with perfect coffees.

Me and le brother and le daddy's arm.

Coming back to the visit paid, I won't say the campus is very impressive or nice. Just like any other universities, buildings, carparks, raods, trees, people.....kk sorry :3

I have so many things to consider still, and MMU seems to be half-way off my list now. I would say the only thing that caught my attention was the DHL office lalalala you don't have to know why HEHE :D

Other than that, there weren't any more events. Only me rotting in my room doing nothing. But not exactly, cause God knows what motivated me to draw again. I was so afraid my skills would become worse by now but HEYYYYYYYYYYY, SEXY LAYYYDEYYYYYYYYY miao. :3


Watched Percy Jackson with brother the other night. The movie was only about an hour and a half. I think it would be better if it was longer. The evil ones died too easily. But nevertheless good movie, cause all the actors actresses were so good looking omg especially Annabeth *loves!* ^_____^

There there, the girl in the center is ANNABETH. =)

And reminded me a little of the previous Lightning Thief.
I think Lightning Thief was better. 
Well personal preference.

Oh and darlingJosh is finally in one of the casting crew. I don't know much about the details but me is so proud of him. Last night was the first time I PROPERLY heard him cast for HontourSEA thanks to my family for being away so I didn't have to deal with shitty connection. =D and I painted my nails black while watching the game.


Last but not least,

It's me again.

 Every 15th is meant to be special.
So however the situation,

it still IS special to me.


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